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How to Choose the Best Songs for Wedding Videos

Jun 11, 2019

From the ceremony processional to the first dance, figuring out the right songs for weddings can definitely be a challenge for any couple. As a wedding videographer, you're also going to have your own challenge of finding the right royalty free music for wedding videos that match what your clients are wishing for. You also need to find a website specializing in quality royalty free production music.

While some wedding videos may only be home videos that are never viewed by anyone but the couple's family and friends, thanks to social media the chances of your video being viewed by hundreds or thousands (or more!) is possible. For that reason, it's vital that you choose music that's legal to use.

Copyrighted Music in Wedding Videos is a No-No

As with any other type of video, using copyrighted music in a wedding video isn't legal - unless you own a license to use said music. The easiest way of making sure all of your bases are covered when it comes to music legalities is to stick with royalty free music for your wedding videos.

Look for a site that specializes in high quality royalty free production music, like Soundstripe. Soundstripe is a subscription-based platform that is a boon for any videographer or content creator needing music for their projects. You'll be able to find incredible tracks fit for every style of wedding video you can think of. All you need to do is sign up and start browsing. Once you find the right tracks for your video, all you need to do is download the license and you're set.

With that out of the way, let's dive into what songs you'll need for most wedding videos, followed up with how to find your wedding songs within Soundstripe's library.

How to Choose the Best Songs for Wedding Videos

Most Wedding Videos Need These 9 Main Songs

Weddings are usually a pretty huge event made up of a bunch of small (but important!) moments. As a videographer it's your duty to capture these moments, but how does that relate to what music to pick? We're glad you asked.

An important part of wedding planning is picking out what music will be played when. Usually, the bride and groom will work with a planner to figure this out. Pro wedding planners will break down the wedding into 9 different parts, with each part being marked by a different song or change in the style of music. As a videographer, you can use these same 9 moments to plan out the wedding video playlist!

Here's a breakdown of the 9 main songs you're going to want to include in *most* wedding videos:

  1. Prelude - Most often softer background music being played while guests are arriving and being seated.
  2. Procession - More upbeat than the prelude, the procession is often a little more energized and many couples pick instrumentals. Generally, the procession music builds up to one of the most memorable moments in many weddings….
  3. Bride's Walk - The bride's walk is traditionally a huge moment in a wedding and your music should match the emotion and awe. For the remainder of the wedding     up until the vows are complete there will likely be no music, though in a wedding video you will want something soft in the background. Be sure the music volume is low and doesn't garble the vows in any way.
  4. Exit - The vows have been said and now the couple is walking back down the aisle to exit. You'll want to choose exciting, fun and lively music at this point.
  5. Reception - Keep the music positive, uplifting, and energetic as guests arrive at the reception.
  6. First Dance - The first dance is one of the most sentimental moments of a wedding and usually the couple's favorite song is played. For the wedding video you can choose a track that matches the dance - whether it's lively and upbeat or romantic and touching.  
  7. Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Dance - Both of these dances should have different music, but typically the tracks will be more energetic than the First Dance.
  8. Open Dance Floor - Once the dance floor is open, it's time to play something that is going to get the party started! Kick it up on the wedding video and choose tracks that make you want to hop up out of your editing chair!
  9. Closing - For the remained of the wedding video, you'll simply match the songs to the energy within the video itself. However, for the video closing you might want to kick it back to something a little more cinematic in tone. If your video concludes with video messages of wedding guests, play it out with a piece of softer background music.

It's really important to talk with your clients during the initial consultation about the emotions the couple wants captured in their wedding video. Not only will this help when filming the event, but it will help guide you towards the right music.

Take notes and, if possible, you can even play sample tracks for the couple to see if any style in particular really stands out to them. You might be surprised at how some couples might have a very traditional wedding but want their video to be quite playful and eclectic. Others might have a very unique, indie wedding, but actually want their video to be more classically filmed and edited. The music playlist will drastically affect the end result so choose your tracks carefully.

As we mentioned before, Soundstripe is an awesome source of royalty free music for wedding videos of every style. They also make it super simple to find the perfect 9 tracks for your wedding video by offering pre-made playlists to inspire you!

Browse Soundstripe's Curated Wedding Playlists to Find Inspiration

Finding the right royalty free music for wedding videos isn't always a straightforward process. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming - especially if you're looking for tracks that will match the style and emotion of unique weddings or a style that you normally don't film.

If most of your work focuses heavily on traditional wedding video styles that are borderline cinematic, you'll probably already have a plan of attack for what royalty free music will match. But what if you have a client that wants an indie-style video that's more on the whimsical side of things? Or what if you're new to wedding videography and don't really know when to start when it comes to selecting royalty free music for wedding videos?

Thankfully, Soundstripe makes it super easy to navigate their huge Music Library and track down appropriate royalty free music for wedding videos of every style. There are two ways you can go about navigating through Soundstripe's Music Library - Playlists and Songs.

The Playlists section is loaded with curated music playlists, including a Wedding & Reception section. Hop to the Wedding & Reception category and you'll discover pre-made playlists such as Ethereal & Ambient, Energetic, Acoustic Beauty, and more. If you need some guidance as to what royalty free production music is best suited for wedding videos, Playlists is a great area to start since Soundstripe staff has already done the hard work for you.

Find Exactly What You're Looking for with Soundstripe Search Filters

If you're more experienced with wedding videography or you really enjoy browsing through music yourself, then you'll want to go straight to the Songs tab. Songs will take you straight to the Soundstripe Music Library in its entirety, with tons of Search Filters located in the left sidebar to help you narrow down your options.

These Search Filters include categories such as Mood, Genre, Pace, Instruments, Vocals vs Instrumentals, and even BPM. You'll also find a Playlists category that will let you filter through specific playlists in addition to other filter options. For example, you might select all of the wedding playlists, but narrow the results down further by picking Dreamy and Soft for the Mood. You'll be left with only songs that match these attributes.

That about sums up how Soundstripe makes finding quality royalty free music for wedding videos a breeze compared to other sites. Music truly makes or breaks a wedding video, so take your time when it comes to selecting tracks to be sure they fit you and your client's goal for the end result.

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