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Music Licensing Comparison: Artlist vs. Soundstripe


As a creator, you’ve done your homework. You’ve explored the best music libraries available, and you realized that Artlist and Soundstripe both offer strong subscription plans at affordable prices. 

More importantly, you realized that getting a membership with a music licensing company will make your life a lot easier. It cuts down on the amount of time you’ll spend searching for music and protects you from copyright claims when you use songs in your work.

You can safely assume that we’ve done a lot of research about music licensing and all of the options in the market. So let's start this out by saying we have immense respect for every company in this business, and we think each product does different things very well. 

You might think Soundstripe and Artlist seem similar in terms of licensing and libraries. But some of the key differences come down to fine-print details that can get a little confusing if you’re new to this sort of thing.

We know you want to get the most out of whatever service you choose. That probably means some combination of great music, affordable pricing, and a licensing agreement that protects you and your projects. 

Finding the right music for your videos should be fast, affordable, and easy, so we’re here to give you the resources to make an educated decision.

Outside Opinions

But first and foremost, let’s be honest: You’re going to want an outside opinion. We get that. And most times you want to hear from someone you already know, like a fellow creator. 

YouTube is like a watering hole for other content creators who are dealing with similar challenges and questions. It’s your free catalog of other product reviews from filmmakers and vloggers who’ve tested out different royalty free music options and shared their thoughts about them.

Here are some of the most in-depth reviews we found that break down the Artlist vs Soundstripe comparison.

(If you prefer to read a summary instead of watching these videos, we’ve included a detailed synopsis in the next section.)



Matt Johnson is a popular wedding videographer who brings a unique perspective on the music licensing debate. Between running a successful business, managing a YouTube channel, and working on actual projects, it’s no surprise that he has a lot of experience with this discussion.



RYN Photography is — as you can probably guess — a professional photographer, but his YouTube channel has a health mix of short films, how-to videos, and vlog entries. This particular video is a high-level look at three of the most popular music licensing options.



The name of the channel says it all, really. The Week I Review is a mix of funny vlogging and product/experience reviews. And as a channel that has started using more B-roll footage and background music, this review approaches music licensing from the “bang for your buck” angle. (This was also the most nitty-gritty comparison we found.)

But if that was a little too much information for you, here’s a synopsis about what these creators said on the three big topics you probably care the most about.

Music Library Content

The obvious difference between royalty free music libraries is the exclusive content on each platform. Artlist has a library of about 8,000 songs, and you’ll get new music added every month. The library focuses on full-length tracks, so you won’t find instrument-specific stem files or sound effects — just a lot of quality songs.


Artlist music library


Comparatively, Soundstripe offers upwards of 4,000 songs, with around 200 new tracks added each month. With a premium account, you’ll also get access to 30,000+ sound effects and stem audio files for over 1,000 songs.


Soundstripe audio library-1


But let’s be honest: That’s a lot of music to sort through. Navigating the song library is something every reviewer discusses because nobody wants to spend hours clicking through a confusing or disorganized mess of track names.

User interface plays a big factor in the overall experience. Soundstripe is designed to help you find the music you want quickly so you can get back to your projects. 

You can filter songs by genre, mood, and instrument, or browse through curated playlists. And if you have a clear vision for the music you want, you can even search for a specific BPM or music key.

Artlist offers almost identical filtering options. You can browse by mood, genre, track duration, and instrument, or check out curated playlists. Artlist also offers a “video theme” filter, which is sort of like a hybrid between searching by genre and mood.

Licensing Details

Ah, music licensing. Most reviewers tend to spend most of their videos on this topic, because it’s complex and important. We’ll do our best to keep it short and sweet.

With Artlist, you get unlimited song downloads. Your subscription provides a lifetime license for the songs you download, and this license covers any project with a video element.

There are technicalities that allow Artlist's music to appear in audio-only form, like a podcast commercial with film audio from a scene where an Artlist song is in use. But according to the company's terms of use, Artlist's music is licensed only for video production.

Soundstripe takes a slightly different approach. Your subscription still provides a lifetime license for the songs you download, but there’s one extra step. When you find a song you like, you also provide details about your project. This is a way for us to track how often a song is used so we can replace or bench unused songs (or add more tracks to popular genres). 

Pricing Model

Now let’s address everyone’s biggest question: What’s the price difference?

An Artlist subscription will cost you $199 for an entire year. (There isn’t a monthly payment plan available when we wrote this article.) 


New call-to-action


A Soundstripe subscription will cost you $149 per year, and you can also choose to add royalty free sound effects and stock video as additional plans. That's all the stock media you could want bundled up in the same convenient subscription. 

Choosing A Music Licensing Company That Works For You

And that’s it. Now that you’re a pro on all the differences between Artlist vs Soundstripe, it’s time to make your decision, right? 

Not necessarily! If you’d like to check out Soundstripe for yourself, you can browse our music library today — there’s no pressure to commit to anything. Try it for yourself and make sure you’re going with the library that helps you find music quickly, easily, and affordably.

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