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Listen to our Best Royalty Free Music with Vocals

We know the right song can make or break your project. That’s why every track in our library is vetted by award-winning producers. Hear for yourself. We've curated a playlist with our best royalty free music with vocals.


Dead Simple Licensing

Never worry about licensing again. With Soundstripe, your membership covers the cost for every song license. Just find the right track, download the file, and get a custom license. That’s it. No channel or media-specific fees, no recurring royalties, ever. Here’s more good news: you have unlimited licenses. Go ahead, download as many songs as you want.

The Secret to Finding Stellar Royalty Free Music With Vocals

Sorting through vocal tracks can be a hit or miss process, and for one very simple reason. 

Vocals reveal a song’s meaning in a clear and straightforward way — leaving less room for emotional interpretation than, let’s say, an instrumental version of the same song.

Here’s what we mean.

The same slow-paced, low-energy track could theoretically be used in various wedding films, corporate videos, client projects, and more. But add in some vocal samples and the track takes on a new, specific meaning. 

As a result, the track might only be compatible with one or two of these projects rather than all of them. 

To gauge a track’s compatibility with your project, you have the added step of reading and listening to the lyrics. 

While this step is a small one, it’s critical. 

If the lyrics don’t make sense in the context of your project, the song will probably be ruled out as a non-starter and no longer an option you’re considering. It all comes down to the meaning and mood of the music. 

This guide is designed for filmmakers, videographers, and creative teams that want to find and license vocal music in less time, hassle-free. 

And to help you streamline your song search, we’re sharing our favorite royalty free music with vocals from Soundstripe. 

A Guide to Soundstripe’s Royalty Free Music With Vocals 

You can draw a lot of parallels between the common saying “Different strokes for different folks” and the creative process. 

A corporate advertiser that knows all there is to know about submitting cue sheets and producing content for TV might not know the first thing about Content ID or wedding videography shot lists. And the reverse might be true for a YouTuber or wedding videographer. 

Your line of work affects your creative process, especially when it comes to vocal music selection. For this reason, we’re sharing song recommendations for four types of creators: filmmakers, wedding videographers, YouTubers, and corporate creative teams.

For Filmmakers 

Filmmakers are notoriously well-prepared going into production and post-production. 

The first iteration of a shot list gradually evolves into a shooting script, which details how all of the visual components of a scene will come together. And that’s just one part of the process.

While you could put off finalizing the film’s soundtrack until post-production, it’s always a smart idea to start the process in pre-production — especially since music licensing and negotiating can take weeks if not months to finalize. 

Though vocal music is commonly used in films, it’s rarely easy to license. 

That’s because the songs we listen to on the radio are expensive to license and owned by copyright holders who are often difficult to get in contact with.

Instead of entering into long negotiations for a single song, you can save time and money by filtering through Soundstripe’s selection of copyright free music with vocals. 

When you filter by Vocals and Soundtrack/Cinematic, you can begin curating your selection to the music that will best complement each scene. 

Here are four tracks to get you started: 

  1. GLASWING’s Like Water On A Glass Table 
  2. Emorie’s Bloom In The Dark - Live
  3. Hale’s Didn’t Want This 
  4. PRIZM’s Lovestruck

For Wedding Videographers

Though the production process for a filmmaker might span months, wedding videographers film everything within a matter of hours. And if something goes awry, a second or third take isn’t an option. 

To capture the right footage at the right time, you really have to know your way around your filming, lighting, and audio gear. Not to mention you’ll have to maneuver around wedding guests and adapt to last-minute changes that are beyond your control. 

One thing that you can control is the music you use in your clients’ wedding videos. 

When it comes to finding vocal music for wedding videos, you have to select music that your clients will love — especially since this is the music that they will listen to every time they want to reminisce about their wedding day. 

It’s important to pay close attention to the lyrics when filtering through your options. The last thing you want is to include an ill-fated love song in your client’s videos because the song has great opening instrumentals but lyrics about a breakup.  

Below, we’re sharing a few romantic vocal tracks from Soundstripe’s library:

  1. VISITANTS’s Brighter, Deeper
  2. Aaron Sprinkle’s Walking Back
  3. Timber Choir’s Right Beside Me
  4. Pete Stewart’s Lifeline

For YouTubers

A pain point for many YouTube creators is licensing music for YouTube without being flagged for copyright infringement by Content ID. 

And that’s because a flagged video can be penalized in a few different ways: the copyright owner of the vocal music can block the video, monetize the video, and/or track the video’s engagement statistics. 

You need to be able to trust that your music licensing process is legally sound, which is why licensing through Soundstripe pays off. 

Here are four great vocal tracks that you can license for any video anytime:

  1. BRASKO’s Best Life 
  2. BRASKO’s How You Do 
  4. Fantoms’s Different World

For Corporate Creative Teams

In the same way that YouTube creators need a licensing resource they can depend on, creative teams in the corporate world need to ensure that their projects are protected in perpetuity. 

Let’s say your team creates a video advertisement for a client and licenses music in the traditional ways (i.e., negotiating directly with copyright owners). 

If any of the songs you use receive a copyright claim, this can be damaging for both your client and your team’s reputation. Even if your team works overtime to fix the issue, earning back the trust of your current and prospective clients could take months, if not longer.  

When you license vocal music through a company like Soundstripe, your team and your clients can rest assured that the songs you license are protected.   

To kickstart your search for corporate vocal music, here are four recommendations from our library:

  1. Emorie’s Golden Hour
  2. Midnight Television’s Something So Sweet
  3. Half Measure’s Story
  4. Adam Agin’s The Road

The Royalty Free Music With Vocals You’ve Been Looking For

If you find the song search process intimidating, Soundstripe also has a solution for that. 

By using the filter functions in our music library — and checking the “include” and “exclude” boxes — you can curate the catalog to the vocal tracks that best fit your project. 

With 6,000+ songs to choose from, there’s no shortage of options when you license music through Soundstripe.

Your projects deserve exceptional music.
Join Soundstripe today and bring your vision to life.