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Listen to our Best Royalty Free Romantic Music

We know the right song can make or break your project. That’s why every track in our library is vetted by award-winning producers. Hear for yourself. We've curated a playlist with our best romantic music.


Dead Simple Licensing

Never worry about licensing again. With Soundstripe, your membership covers the cost for every song license. Just find the right track, download the file, and get a custom license. That’s it. No channel or media-specific fees, no recurring royalties, ever. Here’s more good news: you have unlimited licenses. Go ahead, download as many songs as you want.

Streamlined Licensing for Royalty Free Romantic Music

Music and cinema enthusiasts aren’t afraid to take bold stances. 

It’s the reason why there’s a long standing “Die Hard” debate — and two camps of movie watchers who adamantly believe that the film definitely is or definitely isn’t a Christmas classic.

Depending on your perspective, you might consider a song like “Love Potion No. 9” to be more satirical than romantic. And it’s a fair point to make that adding the word “love” to a song’s title doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the music will strike a romantic cord with listeners.

But you could also argue that this 1959 song has all of the makings of a classic romantic song — a strong sense of desire, some emotional turbulence, and all-consuming infatuation. 

Whatever your opinion might be on this song, it remains true that romantic music isn’t defined by just one mood or definition. It can be melancholic, hopeful, painful, happy, and the list goes on. 

Whether you’re producing a film or working with wedding videography clients, the romantic music you use has to complement what’s happening in the captured footage. 

Odds are you wouldn’t include sad songs in your clients’ wedding video to commemorate their big transition into lifelong matrimony. 

But for a different type of project, you can explore a wider emotional range of romantic music that exposes the not-so-happy side of the genre.

To help you find the right royalty free romantic music for your next project, we’re sharing a few of our top picks from four Soundstripe artists.

Kickstart Your Song Search With These Artists 

Gold Coast

Andrew Piland is the creator behind Soundstripe artist Gold Coast. On the whole, this music is best characterized by its easy strings, soft textures, and calm acoustic sounds. 

Here are three Gold Coast tracks that can complement any melancholic cinematic moment:

Lost Love” 

“Lost Love” is a very low energy acoustic track, which happens to be one of our favorites in the Ballads playlist. The music is produced primarily with piano and acoustic guitar, creating a calm and reflective mood. 

100 Days” 

This track maintains a low energy from start to finish and is best characterized as romantic and reflective. Its slow pace and acoustic sounds give this song a very ambient and melancholic feel. 

Things You Do” 

“Things You Do” is a romantic and reflective medium-energy song produced with acoustic guitar and piano as the primary instruments. 


Soundstripe artist Jessie Villa is the musical talent behind Emorie’s organic, alternative, and cinematic music. 

If you’re looking for romantic music with smooth vocals and a hopeful feel — especially for wedding videography or film projects — you’ll want to check out the songs we’re spotlighting below: 

Bloom in the Dark” 

This low-energy song by Emorie feels hopeful, romantic, and soundtrack-worthy. Primarily produced with piano and strings, “Bloom in the Dark” could be used to underscore a client’s wedding video or a heartwarming scene in a short or feature film. 

Lead You Home” 

Emorie and The Seasons collaborated with instruments like the piano and electric guitar to produce this track in Soundstripe’s music library. 

The song is slow paced, low energy, and best described as romantic and calm. 


“Evergreen” is a low energy pop song primarily produced with piano and xylophone/mallets. Like “Lead You Home,” part of this music’s appeal is its romantic and calm feel. 

If you like the vocals in these songs but would prefer an instrumental version, you have the option to select the drop down menu in the Soundstripe app and choose a song stem version without vocals. 


If you’re in search of royalty free romantic jazz music, the artist AFTERNOONZ is definitely worth checking out. 

New York Coffeeshop

Primarily produced with piano and acoustic guitar, this track could be used to underscore moments of reflection and calm in a film. Or, as a wedding filmmaker, you might pair this song with footage from your clients’ wedding reception. 

Nights At The Country Club

“Nights At The Country Club” by AFTERNOONZ is a low-energy jazz song that has been produced with piano. 

Everybody Loves Robert

This calm and romantic jazz track maintains the same low-energy feel as the previous tracks but is produced with upright bass in addition to the piano accompaniment.


Soundstripe artist GLASWING produces electronic pop music in a range of moods by integrating hip hop samples, symphonic layers, and other synthetic elements. 

While certain tracks could be used by both wedding videographers and filmmakers, the three tracks we’re sharing below might be a better fit for the big screen than wedding videos. 

Just Like You Held Me” 

This low-energy indie track is romantic and reflective with a distinctive melancholic feel. There’s an element of lost love and longing that comes across in the song’s lyrics. 

The primary instruments used to produce this song are piano and electronic drums.

Dance Closer

“Dance Closer” is a medium-energy electronic track described as chill and romantic. Electronic drums and synth are paired with synthesized vocals to produce this song. 


In lieu of electronic drums and synth, GLASWING’s track “Enola” is produced with ambient tones and piano. This low-energy song is best described as calm and chill with more of an emphasis on instrumentals than vocals.

Less Time Searching, More Time Creating

It takes less than five minutes on average to license royalty free music with Soundstripe. That means you can forego lengthy negotiations with copyright holders and get the licensing rights you need in minutes rather than weeks.

When you license a song for a project, that license lasts forever — no red tape or hidden disclaimers involved. 

For whatever role you’re taking on next — as filmmaker, wedding videographer, YouTuber, etc. — Soundstripe’s filter functions make it easy to find the royalty free romantic music you’re looking for in less time and with no added fees. 

If you’re interested in any of the songs we’ve shared but aren’t ready to commit to a monthly or yearly plan, sign up for a free Soundstripe account to start previewing songs and making your own custom playlists.  

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