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The right music at exactly the right moment in a video can ramp up the spookiness, supercharge a love scene, or force viewers to catch their breath as the action culminates. Great music has the power to capture the interest of your viewers in an iron grip. At Soundstripe we offer the highest quality music for video creators. Period.

We have the best members.

"As a wedding filmmaker and YouTuber, I am constantly searching for new music. Soundstripe helps fill this need by giving filmmakers like myself an incredible gift: high-quality music from talented artists that is legal to use in our films. With constantly updated playlists for wedding films, I can find musical inspiration that matches my couple’s vibes quickly and easily. Likewise, if I need a song for a YouTube vlog, Soundstripe is there with a plethora of options to choose from."


"Soundstripe is dedicated to listening to us, the filmmakers, and that is so important to me. I love that they are constantly pushing for new music to be available each month."

BRANDON RICE - Brandon Rice Films

"We are a small team who turn out several videos each week for YouTube. Adding music to our videos has elevated them to a much higher standard, and our audience has responded very favourably. We looked around at a lot of libraries and found Soundstripe has a great selection of quality tracks that meet all our needs - from dramatic instrumentals for travel videos, to subtle background music for talking heads and tutorials."

MATT GRANGER - Get Your Gear Out

"I have been in the music business coming on 20 years now and the amount of musical and personal growth that has taken place over the last 2 years working with Soundstripe is unmatched... I feel I have finally found a true musical home for my work to reside."

MATT WIGTON - Soundstripe Artist

Quality Music Makes All The Difference

Whether you’re ready to post your first video to YouTube or your 100th, you want to make it great. That means choosing quality in every aspect of the production process, including your music selection.

At Soundstripe, we prioritize quality over quantity when selecting music for our library. Every song we offer is carefully curated by our staff and will make an excellent addition to your video.

Adrian Walther
No Licensing Traps

No Licensing Traps

One of the most powerful aspects of our platform is that we offer you unlimited licenses on all the music in our library for one membership fee. No matter what video you're working on, you're covered.

Music For Every Video

Music For Every Video

Whatever music you’re looking for, you can find it in our library. We are continually adding music that evokes unique and powerful feelings. Find music for your videos that range from fun to somber and everything in-between.

Save Production Time

Save Production Time

We make it easy for you to find that perfect melody for your video. Keep creating and take the music hunt out of your schedule! Now you can focus more on content and less on searching for the right song for your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

The video landscape is more competitive than ever, and part of the winning video recipe is great music. At Soundstripe, your music is waiting, and your viewers can’t wait for your next video. Check out our music library and keep creating!