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3 Worthwhile YouTube Starter Kits For Content Creators

Drew Gula

Sep 10, 2021

There is a lot of stuff that a YouTube creator needs when starting and/or growing a channel. We can split the list up into two categories, because the specific items will vary on a case-by-case basis — every channel is different because every creator is different.

We'll provide more information about each option in-depth, but here's a quick snapshot of what you should find in any good YouTube starter kit:

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Stabilizer or tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lighting tool(s)

In addition to that, there's the digital side of things — the creative assets you need to make your content and your channel really stand out:

  • End card templates
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound effects
  • Animations

Look, I know those lists may seem like kindergarten filmmaking. But no matter how complicated you get with your gear lists, almost everything breaks down into video capture, audio capture, and lighting. (We'll cover your presentation and creative assets a little later.)

And most items can be replaced by DIY solutions. You can combine interior lights with a nearby window to fudge a three-point lighting setup. And it’s possible (but probably not ideal) to use a webcam or iPhone camera to start creating content for your channel.

However, if you want your videos to stand out — and maybe even line up with some of the channels you personally follow — you’ll need more than DIY solutions. You’ll also want a tripod, different lenses, and a lot of other filmmaking gear that’s popular for YouTube creators, like a quality camera for YouTube.

But camera equipment can get expensive fast. That’s why most people who want to get into filmmaking invest in a gear kit, something that includes everything you need to start producing videos at an affordable price.

To help you cut down on the amount of research, let’s look at three great YouTube starter packs that will help you jumpstart your YouTube career in style.

3 YouTube Starter Packs of Gear for Content Creators

When you’re just getting started on YouTube — or maybe looking to invest in better gear — there are a lot of options out there. From choosing a camera and lenses to looking into microphones and adapters, you’ll have to do  a lot of research.

And when you add in SD cards, carrying cases actually fit everything, lighting solutions, mounts, and everything else your favorite YouTubers recommend, the prices add up. Fast.

Bundles save you time, effort, and money. And rather than drop 15 bundle recommendations, we’re going to give you three options. Most cameras come in a few different bundle options, but we’re looking at the ones that are tailor-made for YouTube creators like you. 

Canon EOS R Bundle


Let’s get it out of the way: $1,800 is...uh, let’s call it a “significant” investment. But the reality is that you’re buying one of — if not the — most popular camera for YouTube content creators.

This particular bundle includes the camera (although you need to buy lenses separately), a condenser shotgun mic (which is one of the more popular options when it comes to the best microphones for YouTube), a tripod, and a monopod. 

While the bundled accessories are hit-or-miss, they are basically included at no extra cost. So even if they aren’t accessories you’d go out of your way to buy, they add some value and line up with what you’d find in other, less expensive bundles.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II Bundle

Honestly, Canon’s branding on this product says it all. This Canon EOS M50 bundle is an ideal YouTube starter pack. The star here is the camera: the M50 isn’t as powerful as the EOS R, but it still comes with the touch screen that Canon users love.

You also get a condenser microphone and also a remote-operated tripod, which gives you more flexibility than your standard tripod would. And it’s priced at just under $900, which makes it a little more accessible for people who aren’t ready to invest in an EOS R yet.

Panasonic Lumix G85 Bundle

When talking about this topic with Soundstripe’s in-house filmmakers, there were two options that they unanimously recommended: Canon EOS and Panasonic Lumix. 

Like Canon’s cameras, the Lumix line is built to scale with the needs of creators. But when you’re looking for YouTube starter packs under $1,000, the G85 is a leading candidate (with a price that’s comparable to the EOS M50).

This Lumix bundle has three lenses, a Rode microphone, a good shock mount, SD cards, extra batteries, and a gear back. There isn’t much more a creator could ask for from an $800 bundle.

BONUS: Movo Smartphone Video Kit

Okay, technically this is option #4 on a list that’s only supposed to include 3 bundles. But since we’ve already talked about specific iPhone videography accessories (which you can read here), it only made sense to provide an option for creators who produce video on their iPhones.

This particular kit from Movo is very budget friendly, because — like most iPhone accessories bundles — it doesn’t include an actual camera. But what it does include is a lav mic, a shotgun mic, a tripod, a gimbal, and even a small LED lighting setup.

It’s a YouTube starter pack built specifically for iPhones, and it’s a steal at just $300.

Must-have creative assets for your YouTube channel(s)

When you think about how to grow your YouTube channel or YouTube monetization, you probably come away with more questions than answers.

I mean, things like channel branding, YouTube analytics, and viewer engagement are topics that keep content creators up at night. So any asset that takes something off your plate is a worthwhile investment.

And if it’s free...well, if it’s free, then you literally can’t afford to pass it up.

This particular “YouTube starter pack” isn’t a collection of accessories like lighting stands or gymbals. Instead, we’re talking about tools you’ll need to streamline your production process. You know, so you can make better videos at a faster pace.

So here’s an extra resource for you to rely on.

We put together a few tools to help filmmakers during pre-production. These templates are things you can use anytime, anywhere, whether you’ve got a new channel with 10 subscribers or a growing channel with 10,000.

And if you’re interested in developing your skills as a creator or improving your video quality with things like royalty free music, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find tons of additional tools and tips that will keep you creating amazing content while elevating your production level with video you make.