Partner Program Features

20% Commission
20% Commission

The commission for each referral is 20% of each sale up front for every new subscriber referred. Remember, subscriptions to our Premium Plan will result in better earnings! (See more details on our pricing page.)

90-Day Tracking Cookie
90-Day Tracking Cookie

We use Cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. Any sign-ups that take place during that period will be credited to you. If they click again, the 90 days starts again.

High Quality Marketing Materials
High Quality Marketing Materials

We provide logos, icons, widgets, banners, canned copy, and more for you to use to share with your audience. This will help you promote Soundstripe and optimize your results.

Real Human Support
Real Human Support

A Partner and Sponsorship Manager is available to provide support for any inquiries you may have regarding the Soundstripe Partner Program.

10%-off Coupon
10% Off Coupon

As an exclusive Soundstripe Partner, you'll have access to a branded 10% off coupon to offer to your followers. Work with our Partnership Manager to set up your branded code!


Opportunities for co-marketing on our blog, newsletter, and podcast can help you grow your audience.

Who are our Partners?

YouTube Influencers

Earn more from your followers by offering them exclusive access to something of value. If you have subscribers in any creative field (not just video), this might be a great fit!

Podcast Hosts

We've partnered with many podcasts in the past. Just tell your listeners about your Soundstripe coupon code and let your custom link do the rest!

Multi-Media Educators

If you're teaching others how to become filmmakers or the next YouTube phenom, discounted access to Soundstripe just makes it that much easier for them to get started.

Filmmaking Blogs

Trade publications such as gear catalogues, tips, training, film review, etc. make up a large part of our partner community.

Product Companies

If you are a product company who shares our target market but does not compete directly with us, we would love to hear from you!

Partner Spotlight: Matt Johnson
(225k YouTube subscribers)

"I’ve also seen great benefits to my YouTube channel since I started promoting Soundstripe. I often hear from my followers that they are thankful that I was able to point them to a source of quality music that is legal and affordable."

- Matt Johnson, Owner | whoismatt