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Soundstripe + Flipsnack: Soundtracking a 10-year Anniversary Campaign

Soundstripe Team

Oct 13, 2021

Flipsnack chose Soundstripe to be the soundtrack of their 10th anniversary.

This is a story about how a team of in-house creatives found the perfect sound for their anniversary videos — launching a campaign that celebrates such an important milestone in the life of a brand happened with the help of Soundstripe’s vast music library. 

If you haven’t heard about them before, Flipsnack is an online platform that allows people to create flip catalogs, magazines, and brochures by uploading readily-made PDFs, or by designing them directly in Flipsnack’s Design Studio. 


Flipsnack homepage


Generally used by businesses for marketing purposes, internal communication, or for publishing promotional content, Flipsnack also has many schools and students among its clients. But regular people also use it for creating photo albums or digital portfolios.

From its inception in 2011, Flipsnack has significantly developed, at a steady pace, going from 11 to over 70 employees, which allowed for more mobility in departments that are so important, especially for marketing purposes.

This is when an in-house creative team was born. 

This team produces videos for a range of different needs, varying from YouTube tutorials, video ad campaigns, content marketing videos, and the Flipsnack Academy, a series of courses that explain every feature of the product so that Flipsnack’s users learn how to fully take advantage of all the features in the platform.


Flipsnack academy


In 2021, Flipsnack celebrated its 10th year anniversary, so in order to celebrate that achievement — alongside hitting the goal of having over 6 million active users worldwide — the team produced a series of videos that would not only show gratitude but that also shared what they had learned so far in this wonderful journey. 

Razvan Micorici, Flipsnack’s Art Director, made it his mission to find a way to convey this message in an appealing visual form through video:

I also had to guide our team in the conceptual phase in order to make sure that the message was clear and precise, conveyed visually and creatively to fit our brand guidelines, and was also creative.

This was when I knew that we needed the music to highlight the message we wanted to express. That’s where Soundstripe came into the picture. I started searching for different types of songs, even before sketching or having something clear in terms of visuals. I was looking for a mood, a feeling to build our videos around.” 


The storyboarding process at Flipsnack


After brainstorming on the music library, Razvan worked with a copywriter to develop the script for the voiceover that would come along with the visuals.

Even though it seemed overwhelming in the beginning, since the library features thousands of songs, the search feature and filters are what made browsing through the library efficient. Then, with a few songs in mind, writing and recording the voiceover was an easy process, and the voice actor, also a colleague, was able to get in the mood naturally. 

Next came the production phase. This part involved a lot of sketched storyboards, mood board gathering, and filming within Flipsnack’s headquarters. Again, it was a team effort: one designer who drew the storyboard, one motion designer to animate the designs, and one filmmaker to shoot the office footage. 

The video production process at Flipsnack


The entire 10-year anniversary campaign revolved around 2 major videos. One for the entire 10-year anniversary campaign, which would include animated parts, screen recordings from the platform and footage with office culture, and a teaser for the new Flipsnack player

The teaser had to be short and catchy in order to give a feel and taste of this new big feature. This second video would consist mostly of screen recordings and text animations. 

One of the key features that I personally love about Soundstripe is the Premiere Pro plug-in. The fact that I could browse through the music library, listen to and license songs, all without leaving Premiere, was a game-changer for me. It sped up my workflow considerably and it helped me focus on the creative decisions that I had to make. 

All in all, Soundstripe substantially improved our entire process, as it allowed me to focus more on the creative side, rather than just spend most of my time searching for the right songs and editing them into our videos.” 

Razvan Micorici, Art Director

In regards to the songs selected for both videos, the campaign video had a more defined narrative structure, thus it needed a song that was chill, but also optimistic. This song had a complicated mission: to show how grateful the team was for everything achieved thus far, but it also had to anticipate the good things that were coming along. 

With those needs in mind, the chosen one was Bet The Freestyle by Sam Barsh, since it encapsulates the tone and mood of Flipsnack’s brand culture.

On the other hand, the teaser needed something more energetic. After some browsing and filtering, Street Knowledge by KC Carter was chosen to be the soundtrack for this message. What Razvan loved about this song was how the beat got along with the text animations, very similar to other teasers they had previously produced. 

Fun fact: there were some mornings in which, while editing the teaser, I unplugged my headphones and so everyone from the office could hear the song. The design team choreographed a whole dance routine around it and they got to do it every morning.

— Razvan Micorici, Art Director



The campaign was a success and, looking back, the in-house team is so proud to have discovered Soundstripe as a reliable partner for future brand campaigns.

On top of producing quality video content, the process is what makes Razvan’s team excited for what’s to come next.

They developed new workflows that make it easier to plan, produce and deliver creative campaigns that bring in the expected results. These workflows are extremely useful to increase efficiency without compromising brand storytelling and creativity. That’s the fuel that’s moving this team forward. 



Soundstripe helped us greatly when it came to keeping those workflows effective, by providing us not only with awesome songs for our every need but also by integrating them with tools and plug-ins that helped us work easily and that allowed us to concentrate on the most challenging part of the process - being creative and standing out.

— Razvan Micorici, Art Director

Razvan says that they will continue to use Soundstripe in their day-to-day activities. Knowing that the right music choice is there at the touch of a button enables the Flipsnack team to focus on what matters most: to be creative and focus on growing the brand.