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How to Make the Perfect Brand Video

Soundstripe Team

Jun 14, 2021

Video isn’t just a hot marketing trend anymore. It has become a crucial marketing tool for all businesses to connect with their customers. 

Research shows that 54% of people want to see more videos from brands they follow. So if you haven’t hopped on the video bandwagon yet, it’s about time you start. 

Nothing represents your company’s goals and helps your audience pick your business out of a huge, competitive crowd better than a solid brand video

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of making the perfect brand video.

Let’s dive right into it! 

What is a brand video?

A brand video is a video that drives awareness about your business without directly advertising or promoting it. These videos give your audience an idea of how they should feel about your content and how they should interpret the value of your brand. 

In a nutshell, the goal of these videos is to establish your brand in your viewer’s mind and set you apart from your competitors. 

Check out this brand video by LEGO.



Making a Brand Video: Step by Step

Know Your Audience

You might know all the secrets to make a compelling brand video. But if you don’t know your audience, you will have a hard time getting your video campaigns off the ground. 

Let’s be honest: Not everyone will resonate with your video content, no matter how engaging it is. So, thinking about who your target audience is can help you unlock accurate buyer personas, attract high-quality leads, and boost engagement. 

Before you pick up your camera, ask yourself questions like:

  • Who are your existing customers? 
  • What does your audience need and want? 
  • What are their pain points? 
  • How could your product or service make their life easier? 

Your audience should feel like you’re speaking directly to them. So, make sure you address all these questions. 

Remember: Creating a brand video without understanding your audience is like screaming into the void. Trying to target everyone means reaching no one. 

Choose the Subject and Value Proposition

Now that you have your audience finalized, it’s time to select the subject and value proposition your videos will communicate. 

Decide what you want to highlight in your video. Visit forums like Reddit and Quora to look for questions your target audience is asking. Finalize a few topics and carefully select the one that will solve your audience’s pain points. 

However, no matter what subject you choose, make sure it is discussion-worthy and creates a buzz among your potential customers.

Next, add a value proposition in your videos to provide a clear picture of what your brand has to offer to your prospects. A powerful value proposition can give you an edge over your competitors and helps you make a solid first impression. 

Don’t include a value proposition out of nowhere. Spend a little time and draw out something that directly reflects your brand’s goals. 

Write a Script and Storyboard 

Once you have your subject and value proposition sorted, jot down a script for your brand video.

A script is the backbone of the video production process. It is a structured plan of what you’d say and do in your video. Along with dialogues, scenes, and action, it includes elements, such as sound effects, camera directions, clothing, time of day, and so on. 

Not only does a script help you pour your idea and the plot on paper, but it also helps you figure out the equipment you need to make the video happen. 

So, create a detailed outline. Use simple language and avoid complicated words and jargon as much as possible. Write like you are explaining something to a friend. Further, develop a storyboard by using illustrations for each scene to understand complicated sequences. 

Once your draft is ready, edit it to make it short and concise. Use a hook such as shocking facts and statistics to grab more eyeballs. At last, insert a compelling CTA to encourage your viewers to take action. 

A video script process might seem daunting. But, it’s worth the effort. 

Choose the Right Tools 

Now it’s time to gather all the necessary tools for recording your brand videos. You might think the only way to make a promo video is to invest in large video production companies, high-end audio gear, or Hollywood-level green screen equipment

But, it’s just not the case! 

With online video creation tools, you can create professional-looking screen-recorded videos in a jiffy. All you need is a laptop’s webcam to make such videos and delight your customers. 

Screen recording is a powerful and affordable way for producing brand videos. Not only does it help you put a face to your brand, but it also enables you to communicate a complicated concept to your viewers.  

With the face-only mode, you can bring the entire focus to your face. This works great when you want to greet your viewers. Or, create an interesting video hook to make them watch your video till the end. 

Make the Video

Now let’s get into the crux of the matter: creating the video. 

Producing polished, awe-inspiring videos that delight your customers isn’t as difficult as it seems. By paying attention to a few key factors, you can make professional videos with whatever you’ve got right now. 

Consider these basic techniques to improve your video quality right away: 

  • The lighting can make a world of difference in the quality of the finished video. So, make sure you get it right. 
  • Nothing is worse than a messy or distracting background. Instead, use a solid-colored background for a more professional look. 
  • Focus on your body language. Appearing nervous or uncomfortable on the camera can distract your viewers from your message.
  • Shoot the footage from multiple angles to have a few good close-ups. You could also look at a medium shot, like the classic cowboy shot angle — something that implies authority or expertise to the audience.
  • Practice before you start filming. Watch your video multiple times to identify the areas of improvement. 

Chasing Perfection

After finishing the recording, it’s time to edit what you’ve captured

You don’t need expensive video editing software or a professional video editor to create an incredible brand video. 

With video editing tools like this, you can easily edit your video and make it as engaging as possible. Even if you’re a video editing newbie, you’ll feel like a pro in minutes.  

Chop off the unnecessary parts and blur the information you don’t want your viewers to see. You can also insert a call-to-action at the end to guide your viewers towards the next step. 

Further, add customizable thumbnails (text banner or GIF), intros, and outros to make it look professional and share-ready. 

Best Practices for Brand Videos

Make Your Videos Actionable with CTAs

No matter how engaging your brand video is, it’s likely to flop without a strong call-to-action (CTA). 

Whether you want more website visits, ebook downloads, or newsletter subscribers, inserting a compelling CTA in your video guides your viewers to the next step of the customer journey. 

However, using CTA at the wrong places can annoy your viewers. So, use it in a way that does not distract them from your video message. 

Avoid including more than one call-to-action at a time and instead use a strong one that convinces people to act.

If you’re sharing your brand video on YouTube, a great way to step up your CTA game is to include an end card like the one in this video. 

By doing this, you give viewers a reason to click-through to more of your brand’s content.

Always Tailor the Video for Your Brand

Creating videos for the sake of creating videos isn’t enough.  You need to create unique brand videos that distinguish your brand from your competitors and drive insane results for your business. 

Use a watermark or logo that will be displayed throughout the video. It will prevent your content from being copied and also help your viewers remember and associate the video with your brand. 

Customize the video player to match your brand’s identity. Stick with brand colors and fonts to increase brand awareness and make your content look attractive, cohesive, and professional. 

Customize the Thumbnails



A thumbnail is the first thing viewers notice when they find your brand video. In fact, 90% of the best-performing YouTube videos have customized thumbnails. So, if you want to be one of them, having a custom thumbnail image for your videos can help.

Creating a customized thumbnail is pretty straightforward. Find a scene in your video that best describes its content, and take a screenshot of it. Then, use tools like Canva or Photoshop to customize the thumbnail according to your brand’s visual identity. 

Make sure the thumbnail helps viewers understand what to expect from the video. And, as mentioned in the TubeBuddy video above,  including a face in your thumbnail is an excellent way to attract more clicks and connect with viewers. 

That’s it! 

Including brand videos in your marketing strategy is crucial to get increased engagement, more leads, and ultimately, better revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for? Show off your brand to the world with amazing brand videos. 

About the Author:

An avid marketer, Suchita has been helping B2B brands with content marketing for over three yers. She loves penning down complex concepts in a way that doesn't make readers scratch their heads.