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How to Automatically Clear YouTube Content Claims

Everything You Need to Know

Content claims:  well-intended, but kind of a headache, right?  We get it. 

Your Soundstripe subscription gives you all the rights you need to use Soundstripe music on YouTube (and ANY social media platform). But that doesn’t mean that YouTube won’t issue a content claim if they recognize a track. 

Here’s how you clear them automatically, so you can spend more time creating, and less time disputing.

What are content claims anyway?

Content claims help protect artists and creators from posters who are using content without proper licensing or ownership. 

Recent changes to international law have shifted the responsibility to identify copyrighted material from the creator (you) to social media platforms (YouTube).  YouTube will programmatically identify copyrighted music in any video and automatically issue a content claim for that video. 

Soundstripe users have multiple ways to clear these claims automatically, without having to file a dispute.

Step 1:  List your personal channel(s)

The easiest way to make sure your content claims are cleared automatically is to list your personal YouTube channels on your Soundstripe account.  Doing this ensures that Soundstripe can identify your channel and automatically release any claims for that channel related to Soundstripe music.  

To do this, in your Account Menu, you’ll see an option for a Channels tab.  

Once there, you can paste in your channel ID, or search by a channel name or keyword to locate your channel.  Select the correct channel from the dropdown and that’s it! 

Your channel has been added, and will be recognized as a licensed user of Soundstripe while you are a subscriber. 

Monthly plan customers can clear one channel; Yearly plans can clear up to five channels.

But, don't fret! Listing your channel on your Soundstripe account does not give Soundstripe access to any of your private channel data, or to your YouTube audience.

Step 2: Handle videos for channels you don’t own

Creating videos for clients? Purchasing a single song and want to use it in a YouTube video? Single use codes are your jam.

For each song used in a video, you can generate a one-time use YouTube code and copy/paste it into the video’s description when you upload it to YouTube.

Single use codes can be generated from both the Download Modal or from your Licenses Page.

Each code is good for one use; For a song with a lifetime license, that means you will need to generate a new code each time the song is used in a new project. 

Single use codes are unlimited during your subscription or for any lifetime song license — you can generate as many as you need.

And that’s it! With your channel listed, or a single use code in your video description, any content claims will be automatically cleared, usually within minutes. No dispute needed — we got you.

Questions? Feedback? We love hearing from you! Let us know what you think at help@soundstripe.com

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