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The Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin for Soundstripe Is Here

Oct 14, 2019


Now you can effortlessly preview, license, and import high quality music and sound effects directly onto your Premiere Pro timeline, saving you more time than ever and keeping you creating.

We know how valuable your time is. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with Premiere, the leading editing platform for creators all over the globe. With this free plugin, adding music and sound effects is more seamless and painless than ever.

Features Include

  • Access to the full Soundstripe catalogue of carefully curated music, including our library of 30,000+ Sound FX.
  • License and import tracks directly into your project bin or timeline with only two clicks.
  • Import song previews with only one click.
  • Audio Player Integration: Sync the Soundstripe audio player with your project timeline to make previewing tracks with your video clips easier than ever.
  • Intelligent Track Swapping: Song previews are automatically swapped out with high resolution files upon licensing, keeping all your edits in place.

Getting Started

First, download our plugin through Adobe Exchange. After you press INSTALL the plugin will automatically sync to your Creative Cloud account.

Next, you’re going to open a project in Premiere Pro and select WINDOW > EXTENSIONS. Select SOUNDSTRIPE, and our panel will appear. Be sure to undock the panel and adjust the window size to your preference. 

(Note: you can really get a lot out of this plugin if you’re using a dual-monitor setup. Our panel has a lot of functionality and, in truth, is a mini version of our app.)

Once the panel is resized and snapped into place, you’re ready to get started. Select the SETTINGS icon. Here, you can choose where your selected tracks go: straight into your bin, or onto your timeline in real time. 

(Note: if you select timeline, the watermarked songs/licensed songs will still go to your bin.)

Select the + icon to begin dropping licensed music tracks onto your timeline. Just like on our site, the RIGHT and LEFT arrows will take you to the next song when navigating the player. 

(Note: for stems, after you select DOWNLOAD a badge will appear informing you where you songs were sent in your finder.)

Now, if you’ve opted to DOWNLOAD watermarked songs, pressing the + icon licenses the song and replaces the watermarked version on your timeline and in your bin. 

Yup. It’s that easy.

Soundstripe Premium Members can also license sound effects. The same, simple process applies.

Pretty simple, right? For questions, concerns, and suggestions, please reach out! We’d love to hear your thoughts and highly value your input.

Take a listen to our music for free!