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Learn Video Editing - Explore These 6 Resources and Master the Art of Making Memorable Content

Jourdan Aldredge

May 23, 2024

There are many great reasons to get into video editing. Not only can it be a lucrative career, but video editing is a crucial part of the filmmaking and content creation process. In fact, most of the top creators on social platforms like YouTube both shoot and edit their own videos.

Still, even if you want to get started —or simply get better—today, there are only so many ways to level up your skills quickly. And while your best bet might always be to simply go out and start doing it and learning as you go, it is also super helpful to learn from the experts.

So, unless you’re planning to enroll in a film school or degree program at your local arts college, here are some of the best online resources for those looking to learn video editing and improve their skills.

Skill Share


Since video editing is a creative art form unto itself, the creative industry resource Skill Share is one of the best places to hone your video editing craft. Skill Share offers thousands of creative classes for all types of skills, ranging from animation to UI/UX design. 

Aimed to help those starting out in a creative medium as an absolute beginner, Skill Share video editing classes are some of the best out there available to those starting completely fresh in the field. Skill Share is also a familiar and well-trusted brand to many, so you can rest assured that your investment into any course will be tried-and-true and worth the money.

Skill Share also has tons of different classes and teachers to choose from, so you can go as broad as you might like or hone in specifically on skills that you’d like to develop first and foremost. You can browse the entire Skill Share video editing classes catalog here.



Similar to Skill Share, Udemy is another popular and trusted skill-leveling resource that creatives across many different industries rely on to learn a trade quickly. Udemy, more so than Skill Share, leans a bit heavier on technical topics and skills, offering courses to learn data science and coding skills as well as more creative and graphic ones like photography, video, and design.

However, Udemy offers plenty of great video editing courses for newcomers to learn the basics of some of the most popular and important video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

You can also learn a lot of more advanced skills with higher-end motion graphics, VFX compositing, and animation if you’re looking to really go for the more technical side of video editing—which, if you’re interested in it, often pays higher rates as well.

To get started, you can browse the video editing classes on Udemy here.

Class Central


Finally, before we move on to a different type of online course resource, Class Central is another name in the space that’s been able to develop a solid number of courses by quality creators who know what they’re talking about.

What’s neat about Class Central is that it’s connected with actual universities, so you can actually earn certificates with both paid and free online course options from the likes of UC Irvine, The Open University, University of Edinburgh, CU Boulder, and other top universities around the world. 

The courses offered on Class Central range from more technical-focused software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to more social-minded apps like CapCut and other apps that are helpful for those looking to quickly and easily create content for their brands.

You can check out Class Central’s catalog of video editing courses here.

LinkedIn Premiere Pro Essential Training

A video editing resource showing image of man on boat

While many of us tend to think of LinkedIn as more of a business and employment-focused social media platform that most people use to browse for new job opportunities or drum up their freelance work, LinkedIn has become one of the better places to learn new skills and expertise.

If you’re looking to learn Adobe Premiere Pro in particular, this course offered by Ashley Kennedy is a great resource for those who want to transform their raw footage into impactful stories.

This course helps beginners unlock the potential of the latest editions of Premiere Pro to build a short promo video from start to finish. If you want to check it out, you can view the course here.

LinkedIn DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals

Screen capture of tools in a video editing resource

While Premiere Pro might still be the most popular and mainstream video editing software used by most editors and creators these days, there’s something to be said about Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, which is slowly creeping up in popularity to challenge Premiere Pro’s market dominance as of late.

DaVinci Resolve is nice, too, because it offers a free version to let users on a budget get started with the platform and learn how to use it for more straightforward videos before they upgrade to the more advanced paid version.

Regardless of your feelings about DaVinci Resolve vs. Premiere Pro, though, if you are interested in learning Resolve to better explore it, this course by Patrick Inhofer on LinkedIn is a great place to start. It teaches the basics of editing and coloring with this app.

You can get started with the DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals course on LinkedIn here.

Curious Refuge AI Filmmaking


To wrap things up, we’d be remiss if we only highlighted the best courses for video editing as the industry stands today. If you’re interested in learning more about—and preparing for—how video editing will be done in the future, you might want to explore how AI filmmaking is on its way.

One of the best resources for those looking to learn AI video editing is the courses offered by Curious Refuge. Their online learning sessions are incredibly popular, and most sell out in under 24 hours. The AI filmmaking courses cover all of the latest AI models and tools that aspiring filmmakers and creators can use to create and edit their videos with AI.

If you’re curious about this budding new technology, you can check out the AI filmmaking courses at Curious Refuge here.

So, to get started, focus on what you need to do to learn video editing. When you get to a point where it makes sense to use royalty free music for your content, that’s great.