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4 YouTube Title Generators to Boost Your Channel's SEO

Mackenzie Scott

Nov 3, 2021

There are pros and cons to sharing content on a platform that has two billion+ active users. On the one hand, the potential for audience growth and engagement is practically endless. But on the other hand, getting your content in front of the right viewers can be difficult. 

The unfortunate reality of content creation for YouTube is that you could make great videos and still not get the engagement results you want. And when this happens, the reason is usually poor search engine optimization. 

To make your content stand out among the 500 other videos uploaded each minute, you have to optimize your video title before anything else. Fortunately, a YouTube title generator can help  you create video titles that are ready-made for SEO. 

In this post, we’ll cover

  • How YouTube title generators work
  • What you need to know about YouTube SEO
  • 4 of the best YouTube title generator tools

How YouTube title generators work

As you might’ve guessed from the not-so-inconspicuous name, a YouTube title generator is a tool that generates a video title (or titles) based on information you provide about your video. 

There are a number of free tools available for creators to use (more on that later), but they all generally function in the same way: 1) process the information you give 2) pull data from existing titles, and 3) offer relevant title suggestions. 

Here are some perks of using a title generator tool: 

  • It’s free and generates titles immediately
  • It saves you time and takes the work off of your hands
  • It formats the title to abide by YouTube rules (i.e., up to 100 characters)

The trick to getting the best results from a title generator is to research high volume keywords first and then base your entire video around a keyword that gets a lot of search traffic. In other words, you need to do some search engine optimization (SEO).

What you need to know about YouTube SEO

Yes, YouTube is a video sharing platform, but it’s also the second most popular search engine in the world, right after Google. 

When one of the two billion+ users log onto YouTube and enter a search, they’re often looking for a specific type of content. 

Maybe they want to learn how to do something and watch a tutorial, let’s say, on editing video on an iPhone. Maybe they’re interested in buying a piece of gear like the Ursa Mini Pro but want to get a second opinion on the product before they make a purchase. 

Search intent varies, so a big part of YouTube SEO is knowing what your target audience is searching for most often. That way, you can create content that you know they want to search for and watch. 

Here are a few things every YouTuber should know about YouTube SEO and more importantly how video titles factor in:

1. You really want higher search rankings

No one wants to spend a lot of extra time scrolling past option after option in the search results. That’s why 95% of people don’t look beyond the first page of results. 

Those of us who fall into this majority want something very simple: To enter a search, watch a video that matches our intent, and go about our day. 

Because we want to find the most relevant and engaging videos right away, we’ll either choose one of the top results or change the phrasing and try again. 

What this means for content creators is that a high or low ranking in search results can make the difference between a ton of new engagement or none whatsoever. If your content isn’t optimized for search, it can quickly get lost among all the other content on YouTube.

A high search ranking is what you’re after, but how do you get your videos to rank higher? And how does the video’s title affect ranking? 

Well, glad you asked. 

2. A few works make a big difference

YouTube SEO begins with keyword research, which means your first main objective is to find out what search terms and phrases are most popular with your target audience.

Before you even use a YouTube title generator, you’ll need to use a tool like VidIQ or TubeBuddy to identify keywords with the highest ranking potential. Here’s an example of what this process looks like:

Let’s say you think a video about the best camera for YouTube would do well with your audience, so you use a tool like VidIQ and find out that “best camera for YouTube” gets a lot of search traffic every month. 

Knowing this, you’d want to make sure that this phrase is included in your video’s title. If you opt for a more obscure title that doesn’t use this specific phrase, you could be missing out on all of that organic search traffic. 

A few words really do make a difference when it comes to YouTube optimization. By researching keywords ahead of time and then using a title generator, you’re instantly putting your videos in a better position to rank higher.

3. Optimization is an ongoing process

You could go through this keyword research and optimization process a time or two, but unless you commit to a YouTube SEO strategy, you probably won’t get the lift in engagement you want. 

Once you find a video title that your target audience wants to click on, the next step is to optimize the video description, video file name, and all the other written copy for the video. And basically, you optimize this by including the keyword in the copy (without keyword stuffing).  

When you consistently make and share videos that are optimized, it pays off long-term. The only caveat here is that it has to be an ongoing process. 

Think of SEO as a flywheel. The more videos you optimize, the more the flywheel spins. Once you’ve got the flywheel spinning, you’ll rank in better positions for more videos, which means you’re raking in more views and YouTube monetization earnings.

4 of the best YouTube title generators 

The stakes are high for YouTubers to create and optimize great-quality videos, especially since YouTube SEO is something that more and more people are practicing. To grow your channel and connect with a wider audience, you must be strategic. 

And that’s where a resource like a YouTube title generator comes in. Not only will these tools help you create SEO-optimized names for your videos, they’ll also assist with creating more engaging titles too. 

While there are a lot of great tools out there that can help you create optimized titles, here are four of the best ones we’ve come across: 

1. TubeRanker

TubeRanker gives you different perks in the form of channel audits, keyword tools, rank trackers, etc. That’s great because it means you can do all of this through one resource.

To use TubeRanker’s title generator tool, you’ll enter a keyword and then get a list of potential titles in two categories: Person or Place and Content Topic.

For context, here’s an example of the results when you enter the keyword “best camera for YouTube:”

Tuberanker's YouTube title generator


2. SmartWriter

SmartWriter is a resource that provides personalized messaging services via an AI generator, and the services also extend to YouTube title generation. 

To use this tool, you’ll need to create a SmartWriter account and then navigate to the YouTube Title Generator. From there, you’ll enter in the keyword and video topic information and get a list of title options in return.

Here’s what this looks like:


SmartWriter's YouTube title generator


3. Weshare

Weshare offers a variety of generator tools specifically designed for YouTube content creation, including the YouTube Name Generator and YouTube Video Description Generator. 

The YouTube title generator is extremely user-friendly and operates in the same way as TubeRanker and TunePocket. Simply enter a keyword like “best camera for YouTube” and filter through 20 results.



4. Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My Title is an all-around great resource for anyone who wants to check the quality of their headlines and abide by specific formatting rules (i.e., APA, Chicago, etc.). 

The YouTube title generator tool lets you enter in a topic or keyword, get back 10 title options, and then find out how Capitalize My Title has ranked each title based on readability, SEO, and sentiment by clicking “Check Title Score.”

Here’s an example of the type of results you’ll get: 

Capitalize My Title's YouTube title generator


Take the guesswork out of SEO

Not only can a YouTube title generator help you expedite the brainstorming process once your video is made, it can also be extremely helpful when planning out future videos that will beat the YouTube algorithm and get your content to rank. 

Before you even pick up a camera, take some time for keyword research and then see if any title suggestions inspire you to create a specific type of video. By doing this, you’ll be able to know (instead of guess) what your viewers are interested in and make content that caters to that interest.