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10 Songs Every Video Maker Should Have on Hand for Royalty Free Background Music

Sep 26, 2019

Background music has a huge effect on any video. Whether you’re creating videos for YouTube, editing wedding videos, or just making videos for fun, finding the right background music or royalty free music for videos is an important part of the editing process – and one that greatly changes the mood of the final product.

One amazing thing about the prevalence of video making in the YouTube era is how common royalty free background music is now. Just a few decades ago, it was impossible to find music that you could use. You either had to pay a huge music studio for the rights to a song, or commission a composer to write original music for your project – and neither one of those options were cheap.

Now, there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you find royalty free background music and royalty free music for Youtube videos that span every musical genre you could possibly think of. In this post, we’ll review 10 of the most popular royalty free songs for a look at how they can help you take your videos to the next level.

Poppy, Happy Vibes with Shopping Spree

As one of the most popular songs from Soundstripe’s audio library, “Shopping Spree” has a poppy, happy sound that is undeniable. You can just imagine someone unboxing a fun toy or gift, or a couple taking a stroll through the park on a sunny day. You could use “Shopping Spree” to brighten an already peppy video, or to liven up a more mundane section.

A Classic Take on A March

If your video needs an old-timey feel, look no further than this popular royalty free track “Cloud Nine Peak.” With a full orchestra sound, it’s a song that immediately transports a viewer or listener to a medieval battleground. What’s great about using royalty free background music that evokes a specific time period is that you can use it in earnest or ironically. It could provide the perfect comedic relief in the middle of a more dramatic video.

Royalty Free Background Music for a Kids Video

If you are making videos for kids, or trying to appeal to parents on YouTube, “I Like Pizza, Steve” is a fun classic that sounds almost like a nursery rhyme. Maybe you’re looking for a background track for an instructional video for kids or you’re telling a fun story for younger audiences. “I Like Pizza, Steve” is a popular royalty free background track for kids that can be downloaded from Soundstripe’s audio library.

Intense and Rhythmic

If you need royalty free background music for a more intense video “Dark Runner” might be just the track for you. It evokes a club or EDM dance track vibe backed by a driving rhythm that keeps the energy high. It evokes a modern chase scene, or even a montage of a band of fast-moving con artists in the final stages of an elaborate heist.

Reality TV Style Suspense

Using music in Youtube videos that evokes the same reaction as TV is exactly what you want. You know the moment in a reality TV show when you don’t know which contestant is going to get kicked off? The host looks at the final deciding vote, and the camera cuts back and forth between the bottom two contestants for what seems like an eternity? If you’re trying to recreate that kind of suspense in your videos, then “The Coming Conflict” is the track you’re looking for. Take a listen and see if you have any videos you might want to use it for.

Hopeful, Spooky House Music

Eleven vs. The Demogorgon” is absolutely true to its name, evoking the drive and beat of house music in addition to the feeling of an uninvited guest in your house. If you’re trying to build suspense but keep the pace driving forward, this could be the perfect royalty free background music for your video.

Acoustic and Peaceful

If a video ever calls for the kind of music, specifically royalty free music for videos, you imagine hearing at a yoga studio, “Daydreaming” is a popular track from Soundstripe’s audio library that gives off peaceful, chill vibes. Maybe you need some music for the credits that won’t pull focus by being too in your face, or maybe you go through a meditation in one of your videos. “Daydreaming” has you covered.

Ambient and Calm

If you’re looking for some calm royalty free background music that still has a lot of personality, take a listen to “Borealis.” It’s the perfect amount of ambient to not distract from your content and would be great background music for a slideshow or the like. And while it isn’t distracting, it still brings out a positive, driving energy that will keep any video progressing forward.

All American Happy

For a happy song with a more folky and country vibe, “Easy Livin'” is a great choice. Very popular for DIY crafts and home projects, its peppy sound will give your video an upbeat vibe that feels right at home. Not all royalty free background music is created equal, and this tune is so versatile that it will work for many different videos. Need a background track for a recipe video? How about bathroom renovation? “Easy Livin’” could be the perfect fit.

Soulful Rock

For the last royalty free background music track in this review, we’re headed to a more soulful sound than anything else on the list. “Face to Face Off” is a great song that sounds like a local band playing a live set at your favorite neighborhood restaurant; not too hip, and classic in all the right ways. Take a listen to see if it might be the perfect song for your next wedding video or vacation slideshow montage.

An Easier Way to Find Royalty Free Music for Videos

While the tracks we reviewed here are great, they are some of the most popular royalty free music for videos out there on the internet. Yes, they’re good, but they may show up in multiple videos while you are trying to make yours stand out. So how can you go about finding good royalty free background music that isn’t in every other video on YouTube?

The answer is a Soundstripe membership. Our library of all-original royalty free music is curated by real people who really love music. Plus, our powerful search offers advanced filtering, so you can find the perfect song without digging through a bunch of music that is simply not right for you. It’s easy to take your videos to the next level with good background tracks – give Soundstripe’s membership a try for unlimited access to the best royalty free background music on the internet.

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