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How to Build a Royalty Free Music Library to Support Your Workout Videos

Jan 29, 2019


You are on a mission to get booties burning, sweat dripping, and calories sizzling away. Your dream is to create a YouTube workout channel to help people all over the world become fitter and healthier. Congratulations! This is a noble goal, especially considering over 70% of adult men and women in the United States are overweight or obese and that only a paltry 23% of adults are hitting national exercise guidelines. As a YouTube exercise guru, you’ll need to cultivate your unique brand and exercise methodology and build an expansive royalty free music library. After all, music and exercise go together like crunches and six packs! Let’s look at what it takes to be aYouTube workout star and why music is such an important part of that equation.  

Julian Michaels Called. She Wants Your YouTube Fame

Do you want to become the next Cassey Ho or Adam Rosante and get the world pumped with your YouTube workout videos? YouTube is an excellent way to elevate your personal brand, not to mention make the world abetter place. After all, exercise is a key component to living a fit, functional, and healthy life. The videos you make could help your viewers avoid destructive lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Heck, a great workout has also been shown to alleviate anxiety and depression, so your YouTube channel could be better than therapy. That makes you kind of like a superhero!

Of course, superheroes need to eat and pay the rent, too.YouTube doesn’t just offer you the tantalizing chance to help the masses get swoll; it can also pump up your bank account too! Top YouTube fitness gurus, like Ho and Rosante get millions of views per video. This translates into juicy advertising paychecks along with planet of merchandising opportunities and sponsorships.

That could be you… but only if you can build your YouTube viewership numbers. To do that, you’ll need to develop a strong personal brand that engages your audience and keeps them back for more pain even after you’ve left them in a puddle of sweat on the ground. You’ll also need to create great-looking, professional videos. There’s just one other tool you need to help your YouTube exercise videos reach the top: a great royalty free music library.

Why Music Makes Exercise Better


There’s a reason why you can’t help but tap your foot when a certain song comes on the radio or why no one would take a Zumba class without a saucy, upbeat soundtrack. The human brain loves music, and we’re hardwired to pick up and respond to tempo and beat.

This has big implications when it comes to exercising. Research has shown that music helps us “run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual – often without realizing it,” as an article in Scientific American notes. The same article quoted Costas Karageorghis, a leading expert in the psychology of exercise and music, calling music “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

Music enhances the experience of exercise in multiple ways. One of its biggest benefits might be to simply make exercise more bearable.Intriguing research has shown that music may help mute the body’s psychological responses. For example, while your abs may be crying for mercy during the end of that two-minute plank hold, a great soundtrack can help keep your brain distracted from the pain, at least for those last terrible 30 seconds.

For this same reason, music often makes workouts seem easier. If you’re jogging along a trail with no music, it’s easy to fixate on the stitch in your side, the ache in your knees, or the endless path in front of you. However, if you’re jamming out to your favorite 90s band, (it’s the Backstreet Boys, don’t lie) it’s easier to get lost in the music and let your legs carry you further than you thought you could go.

This is the reason why so many runners wouldn’t dream of taking a step without their earbuds in place, why almost every exercise class includes a popping workout track, and why music should probably be a big part of your YouTube workout videos.

What Type of Music Works for Workouts? 

According to the article in Scientific American, “Most people have an instinct to synchronize their movements and expressions with music.” Most exercise instructors inherently recognize that fast music helps to energize and motivate their students, while slower music is ideal for cooling down or finding a Zen-like state of flow. That’s why you can drop into any aerobics class, and you’ll hear music with a fast tempo, whether it’s a pop mashup, an 80s classic, or the latest R&B hit. Slower classes like yoga or tai-chi often rely on ambient music with a much slower tempo.

Science has actually tackled this question. Researchers discovered that most of their test subjects unconsciously settle into a rhythm of 120 beats per minute (bpm) when asked to tap their fingers but that when asked to run on a treadmill, they preferred to crank the intensity of their music up to 160 bpm.

What this means is that when it’s time for your viewers to feel the burn, it’s also time to put on some powerful, fast-paced music. If you want to be the next stretching or yoga guru, then search for slower music. Fortunately, you don’t need to painstakingly count out the beats of every potential song in your royalty free music library. At Soundstripe, you can filter our entire music library by beats per minute, so you can see only fast-paced or slow-tempo songs.

Where to Find Songs for Your Royalty Free Music Library


The cardio jam class at your local gym may love blaring an energetic Beyoncé/Kesha mashup or Meghan Trainor’s latest hit, but that doesn’t mean you can scroll through the Billboard 100 to put together your YouTube video music playlist.

Even if you purchase a song on iTunes or another music platform, you can’t legally play it in your YouTube video. What you are purchasing is a private license to the song, which lets you play the song for personal use.

If that’s true, why does your Pilates instructor get to blast Katy Perry during your bridge roll-ups? Most gyms have the funds to purchase a public performance license, which the instructors on their property can use. This license gives gyms access to a wide range of music, including many of the latest and greatest hits, but they’re not cheap!

If you’ve ever come across a bootcamp instructor streaming aSpotify or Pandora playlist to a class taking place in the park or on the beach, chances are they’re guilty of copyright infringement. In essence, that bootcamp instructor is profiting by using the works of the song’s artist without compensating the artist or the owner of the song. Not only is this morally wrong, but it’s also illegal.

Those on-the-sly bootcamp instructors may get away with their copyright infringement, but you probably won’t be so lucky if you try the same thing on YouTube. That’s because YouTube has spent multiple years and millions of dollars creating an extensive copyright infringement sleuth called Content ID. This algorithm constantly scans YouTube videos, searching for copyrighted music and films. With a database of over 75 million reference files, it doesn’t miss much!

If your video gets flagged by Content ID, the owner of the copyright can choose to block your video or even take all your ad revenue.Imagine spending all those hours planning, creating, editing, and posting your workout videos only to have all your hard-earned ad money Zumba its way into someone else’s bank account!

It gets worse. The copyright holder can also personally flag your video. If this happens too often, YouTube retains the right to pull down all your channels and ban you from creating new ones!

Just like you’ll never get fit by gobbling up a pint of ice cream every night, you’ll never be successful on YouTube if you steal music that belongs to other people. The solution is to use royalty free music for your YouTube videos.

Don’t worry that you can’t use Meghan Trainor’s latest hit. As the science shows, your viewers just need a good beat to get the benefits music confers. YouTube offers a free library of music, which can be a good option for those on a tight budget or who are experimenting with their first videos.

However, if you are serious about putting your YouTube workout channel on the map, then don’t use the same music as everyone else. Work with a royalty free music site like Soundstripe. The beauty of our site is that we offer a highly affordable subscription model. For one low yearly or monthly price, you can access our entire music library.

Sort our music by the genres you love, including high-intensity genres like: hip-hop, pop, rap, rock, electronic, dub step, and EDM. You can also sort by pace, mood, and beats per minute. These filters will make it easy for you to build the perfect soundtrack for your next workout video.

You figure out how to make it “hurt so good,” and we’ll supply the music! Check out our royalty free music library now.

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