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Soundstripe Video FAQ

Soundstripe Team

Aug 4, 2022


What are the video specifications of your footage?

  • Our footage resolutions cover all your project needs from HD to 8K 
  • Frame rates range from 23.98 fps to 60 fps. 
  • The video clips are compressed using standard codecs, including Motion JPEG, Apple ProRes, and H264, so you have a manageable file type without losing quality. 
  • All video clips are available in both MOV and MP4 formats. More on which one you should choose below.
  • To view a particular video’s specifications, visit the video's detail page. 

Which video file format should I use?

If you’re looking for higher quality, MOV is your best choice. Especially if you plan on doing heavy editing to the video clip or using it in a professional project, we recommend using the MOV file since it contains more image data.

However, if you are trying to keep the size of your files smaller, then MP4 is an exceptional choice because it allows extraordinary visual quality at smaller file sizes. If you're adding a video clip to personal projects or presentations, the MP4 download will be more than enough.

Before I download a video clip, is your footage compatible with my editing software?

Our video clips are available in both MOV and MP4 formats. While most editing programs support these formats, you should check your editing software to see what formats it supports.

Your video clips aren’t compatible with my editing software. How can I use the clips if my editing software does not support your video footage?

Don’t stress! If our video clips do not work with your editing software, you can convert the file to a supported format using a video converter.

We suggest an excellent free video converter a lot of our team and customers use -  Handbrake. HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. 

Once you download and install Handbrake, be sure to check out the quick start guide on how to convert your videos. 

How often do you add new footage to your library?

We currently release around 5,000 new clips every three months. All of our video clips are internally curated, and we make sure we choose the best footage for your needs. You can view our most recent video clips here: Recently Added Videos.