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Ten Royalty Free Music Suggestions for Your Next Nature Landscape Video

Feb 11, 2019

Mother Nature deserves to be displayed in all her splendor, and you are just the person to do it.

Your nature videos will allow your viewers to explore and enjoy the majesty of the natural world even if they are stuck in a cubicle at the office or at home taking care of a sick kid.

However, in order to express the true beauty of your destinations (and to keep your viewers coming back for more), you need to pair your videos with the right royalty free music.

Nature is a fickle thing and finding the right musical companion for your videos can be challenging. Let’s look at why music is such an important component to nature landscape videos and where you can start your search for the right royalty free stock music.

Finally, we will give your musical quest a head start with some great musical suggestions for ten different landscapes. Keep your ears open, and let’s begin.


Why Music And Nature Videos Are The Perfect Pair

We don’t mean to take anything away from your awe-inspiring desert sunrise video when we say that music is a great addition to nature vlogs.

Mother Nature is truly beautiful all on her own; however, music can help enhance this beauty and shift your viewers into the right mindset to truly appreciate the video.

Music invites your viewers to experience your video in a deeper way by adding another sensory element to the equation. Since your viewers can’t feel the hot desert wind on their face or taste the dust in the air, music can pull them into the experience.

Music also has a powerful ability to shift viewer emotions.If you want your viewers to feel awe, soothed, or inspired by your videos, a musical accompaniment with a similar theme can help get them there.

(Learn more about all the ways music can affects the human mind.)

In this way, music can help you tell the story. A desert can be beautiful, but it can also be stark, melancholy, or even dangerous. Which face of the desert do you want to show? Your music selection can guide viewers in how they view and interpret your video.


Where To Find The Right Royalty Free Music For Your Nature Videos

Music plays such an important role in helping you craft the perfect nature video that you'll want to make sure you find a good source of royalty free music.

There are numerous free music libraries online, but their selection of atmospheric and ambient music can be limited. Even sources that offer ambient music may provide only a few derivative tracks. What you need is a music source as varied and vibrant as Mother Nature herself.

electronic chill vlogging playlists cta

And one more thing — you definitely need to make sure the music you choose is royalty free so you don’t have to face off against YouTube’s copyright penalties or get hit with a “Cease and Desist” notice from the copyright owner!

To this end, we would like to introduce you to Soundstripe. We offer subscribers unlimited use of our constantly growing music library. Our goal is to search for great musicians and offer high quality music in many different genres.

Our musical selection spans dozens of different “moods” as well, making it easy for you to find just the right song for your next nature vlog.

To give you just a taste of what we’ve got in our royalty free stock music library, we’ve put together a 10-song playlist that covers ten unique natural landscapes.

Enjoy, and feel free to use any of these suggestions in your next video once you become a Soundstripe subscriber!


1. The Ocean


Open Eyes, by Caleb Etheridge

The ocean is awe-inspiring in its sheer vastness, as well as powerful and mysterious. A whole world lives within its depths; everything from bright coral to massive whales. The ocean can be both soothing and cruel depending on what day (or even what hour) you sail its waters.

This haunting melody by Caleb Etheridge captures many of the ocean’s traits. The song builds throughout, making it a good choice if you plan on showing the many different faces of the ocean.


2. The Mountains


Blue Hue, by Falls

Stoic and majestic, the mountains remind us that the land was here long before us and will still be here after we are gone.

How to capture the rocky cliffs, the stubborn brush clinging to life at a high altitude, and the haze of clouds surrounding the peak? This song by Falls is as stark and ethereal as the looming giants themselves.


3. Rivers And Lakes


Stand With Me, by Adrian Walther

We don’t know about you, but rivers and lakes always make us think of the long days of summer, learning to fish with Dad, and taking our first white water rafting trip.

Rivers and lakes are often conduits of fun and happy memories, so we chose this upbeat melody by Adrian Walther. His catchy song is the perfect accompaniment to the new, joyful memories you’ll make with your next video on the river or lake.


4. The Desert


Breath of Life, by Caleb Etheridge

As beautiful as it is deadly, the desert has much to share with those who are willing to search for its secrets. On the surface, a desert may look sparse, cruel, and uninhabitable, but look closer and you’ll discover that life always finds a way.

This soft, atmospheric song by Caleb Etheridge will help you showcase the desert’s unique beauty. We especially enjoy how it sounds like a soft desert wind is blowing in the background throughout the song.


5. The Forest


A Place Beyond Belief, by Sounds Like Sander

A forest can be a magical place, filled with sun-dappled leaves, verdant moss, burbling streams, and colorful birds taking flight overhead.

Also, like so many other landscapes, a forest can showcase many different attributes depending on your perspective. It can be calming and restful, beautiful and romantic, or even scary and harrowing.

This gorgeous tune bySounds Like Sander embraces the romantic and beguiling aspects of a forest. Imagine yourself wandering around huge tree trunks and scrambling over boulders as this song plays.


6. Valleys


I Keep Searching, by Adrian Walther

The concept of a valley immediately brings to our mind the image of tall, emerald grasses reaching up to the sun. Bright flowers nod in a gentle breeze. Cotton ball clouds drift in an azure sky overhead.

To complete the picture, imagine a happy, gorgeous couple running through the grass, hands clasped.

In this joyful spirit, we had to pair our imagination with Adrian Walther’s “I Keep Searching.” We don’t know what he’s searching for, but we’ve found the perfect song for your next valley video.


7. Canyons


Brave New World, by Fantoms

Canyons are impressive to behold. In them, we see the incredible passage time stacked layer upon layer in their face. Canyons also give us a wonderful gift — some of the best, most breathtaking views of our natural world.

This song by Fantoms is an ideal choice for a long panoramic view atop a canyon. Its upbeat tones can also work perfectly to help showcase a canyon sunrise.


8. The Rainforest


Raindrops, by Moments

Is there any part of the world quite as magical and mysterious as the rainforest? With its plethora of flora and fauna, it truly is a world unto itself. There is endless beauty to discover, but dangers also lurk in the shadows.

When searching for a song to express the rainforest, we had togo with “Raindrops” by Moments. This soothing and dreamy song captures a more romantic take on the rainforest and also hints at the many different forms of life that call this magical place home.


9. Islands


Day At The Beach, by New Wave Sounds

Sand, ocean spray, and perhaps some romantic clifftops? You’ve traveled to one of the world’s many islands and want to express the fun, joy, and specialness of the place.

This jaunty and playful tune by New Wave Sounds will immediately make your viewers feel like they are on an island adventure with you. Pan in on those dolphins, sneak a shot of surfers bobbing on the ocean, and don’t forget to record your hike to the local volcano.

"Day At The Beach" is all about having fun on your island paradise.


10. The Tundra


Selha, by Stephen Keech

A true travel vlogger can find the majesty in any landscape, even a cold and unyielding tundra. For every tropical island in the world with glamorous beaches filled with powder-soft sand, there are endless miles of land covered in snow and ice.

These places deserve to be shown too, and there is plenty of beauty to be discovered for those who know how to look. This gorgeous and reflective melody by Stephen Keech is an excellent way to articulate the stark power of a tundra landscape.


Start Searching for Your Royalty Free Music Today

These ten song selections are just a small sample of the many different tracks we have on offer at Soundstripe. As you can see, our royalty free music selection is varied, but all of it comes from highly talented musicians.

When you are ready to pair your next travel or landscape video with a song that will do justice to the grandeur on display, sign up for our affordable monthly or yearly membership.

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