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Soundstripe is kicking off the new year with tons of new features and product improvements to help you create faster and easier with songs, SFX and more.  Check them out!

Song Row Design

Users can now easily favorite or add a song to playlists with one click where you're spending time the most -- the song row! The Add to Playlist and Favorites icons are now more accessible, directly in the song row next to the License button. 

You can now click anywhere on the song row, not just the play button, and the song will play!

Artist Artwork is now present on each song row in place of the play button to create a more pleasing design and visual reference as you sift through the library. As you hover over the artwork the play button will appear, and when selected, will remain visible while the song plays. 

song row

We've also optimized your mobile experience on songs. When viewing the song row on a mobile device, if you click anywhere on the artwork or song row, the song player will start. On mobile, hit the ellipses menu to open the song details modal to take primary actions more quickly.

Clickable Tags on Songs

Browsing through the music catalog and found a song that you’d like to hear more with a similar feel? Tags within the song row (like you see below in the “Mood” column:  Chill, Fun, Reflective, etc.) are now clickable links.

clickable tags (1)


Any tags you click within that column will add to the current search in progress and pre-select your filters for you in the sidebar.

"Previously Played" Indicator for Songs & SFX

Need help remembering what you’ve already listened to?  Songs and SFX that have been listened to during your current page visit will display as grayed out, helping you keep your place in our ever-growing catalog as you search for that perfect track or sound. 




Relicense Button for Songs, SFX & Video

Want to easily see content that you’ve licensed before? The License button will now read “Relicense” whenever you’ve already licensed that song, sound effect or video previously.

Want to hide anything you’ve already used in a project?  Under the Advanced Filters section, choose “Hide Previously Licensed” and all of those options will be excluded from your search results.


8,000 New SFX & More Search Terms

Speaking of sound effects, there are now even more to license!  We just added over 8,000 more SFX to our catalog, which means you now have over 50,000 sounds at your fingertips.

In addition to growing our catalog, we continue to improve our SFX search engine by redefining search terms based on the keywords our members used most. This makes sure the best fitting SFX return in your results. 



Curated SFX Playlists

Our product curators have been hard at work listening to your feedback and creating over 30 new SFX playlists to support your creative process!  To find our newly Curated SFX Categories & Playlists, go to the Playlists header in the main navigation, choose SFX and find a curated playlist category or topic that fits for your project.

New Playlist Categories Include:

  • Most Popular
  • Staff Curated
  • Movement
  • People
  • Elements
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Urban

SFX Playlists


"My Playlists" Feature for SFX

Want to create a playlist for your project, or save great SFX for future use?  Now you can create your own private SFX playlists under ‘My Playlists,’ just as you can for music and video.

For any SFX, you can choose “Add to Playlist” in the SFX row, which will open the option to add to an existing playlist or create a new one.  Your “My Playlists” are unlimited, now for SFX, too, so keep creating!


Add to SFX Playlist


To access your private playlists, go to the ‘My Media’ menu and select ‘Playlists’, then the SFX tab.  Here, you can manage your own playlists and their content, including adding cover images and sharing them with friends, clients and colleagues.


SFX My Playlist


Curated Video Playlists

Three new curated video playlists are now available to help you find that perfect video clip based on popular categories and topics.  Check these out on the Curated Video Playlists page!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day stock video playlist



Emotional stock video playlist

Free Accounts

Not quite ready for a subscription yet? You can now create a free account with access to download unlimited previews and the ability to create favorites and custom playlists for all media types--Songs, SFX & Video.




There's Even More on the Way 

We are always striving to improve our ability to support your creative process.  New features and content are underway and constantly being added to our product and catalog - make sure you check out our product updates regularly.

Free Download: YouTube Creator Pack

- 3 End Card Templates

- 3 Motion Graphics

- 12 Free SFX

- 15 Shape Animations


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