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We gave out $2,500 worth of prizes during the last month, and absolutely loved seeing what you guys created. 

Each day we will be posting a new #KeepCreatingChallenge. This is meant to keep all of us creating in unique, outside-the-box ways.

While creating by itself is important, winning prizes is also fun, which is why we’ll be selecting daily winners. Check back each day for a new prompt, and a new prize!

To be entered to win, share your finished piece on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Be sure to tag Soundstripe and use #KeepCreatingChallenge. (And please make sure your accounts are public so we can see your masterpiece and choose our winner!)

You have until MIDNIGHT CST each day to submit your entry! We’ll pick our first #KeepCreatingChallenge winner the following morning.

We hope you’ll join us on this creative journey. We need to create – now more than ever.

If you'd like to receive the daily prompts by email, enter your email in the form below!

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 30 - $100

KCC - 30

Well y’all, this has been super fun. 30 days of intentional creating JUST BECAUSE! We know there was prize money involved, but we’ve also heard from so many of you that this little challenge was just what you needed. We feel the same way. Seeing everything you create inspires us, and we hope even though these prompts will move from daily to weekly (you will receive the first weekly prompt on Tuesday, April 28th), you #KEEPCREATING.


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 29 - $100

KCC - 29

Now more than ever, our local businesses need our support. We want to see your take on a commercial or a testimonial for your favorite local spot. This can be a shop, restaurant, venue, just anywhere you love and can’t wait to visit once we’re done social distancing. Tag them so others can learn more about your favorite local gem! 

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 28 - $50

KCC - 28

The season’s hottest new accessories are gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizer. We’ve seen some photos of pretty wild outfits at the grocery store (have you seen the guy wearing scuba gear?). Let’s see your take on a COVID-19 inspired fashion show. This can be silly or serious. Quarantine - but make it fashion.


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 27 - $100 ($50 for you and $50 for who you tag!)

KCC-Day27-Healthcare (1)

London started a huge trend when they began #ClapForNHS (National Healthcare Service) - ringing bells, screaming and clapping as a sign of gratitude to those on the front lines. New York has followed suit as have many other communities around the world. It’s so inspiring to see so much support for those who are the most essential workers we have. To all the healthcare professionals out there, we thank you for your service! Today’s challenge is to create a video of gratitude for healthcare professionals. Be sure to tag your favorite healthcare worker, and you will each win $50.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 26 - $200


We’re back after a brief hiatus. We didn’t mean to leave you hanging so close to the end of this daily challenge, so we are giving today’s winner $200 to help make up for it. Today’s challenge is to make a music video for this song “The Clap and Bang”. This song pumps us up and we hope it inspires you to create something new today! 

You can download the song for free through this link.

To download in Chrome: right click on “this link” above, and select “Save Link As” and it should give you the option to download and save wherever you’d like. Then open and run with iTunes or any other media player.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.04.15 PM

To download on Safari: right click on “this link” above, and select “Download Linked File”. Then open and run with iTunes or any other media player.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.01.53 PM


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 25 - $100

KCC - 25

We aren’t afraid to say it. Watching a time lapse video is just about the most satisfying thing on the internet these days. Seeing something incredible created, from start to finish in a matter of seconds, amazes us every single time! So it’s your turn to blow our minds - let’s see you create something (anything!) and film it in a time lapse. 


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 24 - $50

KCC - 24
Staying at home and eliminating non-essential errands from our lives has absolutely resulted in some creative cooking (check out the submissions from Day 3 of the challenge!), but after a few weeks of this it’s trickling down to other points in our lives. Let’s see your best up-cycle or re-use of an item you already had at home. Let’s see what those pickle jars, excess chopsticks, and cardboard boxes are being used for these days.


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 23 - $50

KCC - 23

Hey guys, Julian here with In Tune - my co-workers think I do a pretty good job hosting our weekly web series, but a few are convinced one of you could do better. Start practicing your monologues, and let’s see those audition tapes to  be the new face of #InTune. I’d give you three tips on filming an audition tape, but I have a feeling you’re going to nail it.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 22 - $50


KCC - 22

Bond was very specific about his drink of choice. But during a global pandemic, he might not have access to all of the ingredients for his well-known martini. Since we’re all social distancing, and being our own bartender at home, we’re forced to come up with our own concoctions. Show us your recipe for a Quarantini - can be a spin on a classic cocktail (mocktails count!) or something you just made up with whatever you have on hand. Bonus points for a fun garnish that transports you to the memory of your last beach vacation. CHEERS!

Check out the winning entry from Day 22 here.


#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 21 - $100

KCC - 21
By now, I think we’ve all watched this video series by John Krasinski, and no doubt you were grinning by the end (or crying happy tears, if you’re a softie like a few of us on this team)! Everyone could use a little extra good news right now. There’s plenty of bad news out there. So today, we want to hear your good news. It can be big or small - just keep it positive! Share it any way you’d like, get creative, and make someone smile today.

Check out the winning entry from Day 21 here

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 20 - $50 / $50

KCC - 20 (2)
We all thrive in creative community. That’s why we at Soundstripe LOVE things like the #KeepCreatingChallenge, and hosting events like #MoreThanMusic which all bring creatives together to help inspire and partner together to make amazing things. Today, our challenge is simple - share the art, music, film, design, photography (etc!) of someone who’s creativity inspires you, and who you think might need a pick me up! Make sure you tag them, because the winner AND whoever they tag will get $50 each!

Check out the winning entry from Day 20 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 19 - $50

KCC - 19
We all can be a little duplicitous sometimes, and the split personalities seem to really be showing their faces during this quarantine. We want to learn about your Quarantine Alter Ego. This is your alter ego, so you can be the hero or the villain, the choice is up to you. You can dress up, act out, sketch, use graphic design or any other style you can think of showing us this other side of you.

Check out the winning entry from Day 19 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 18 - $50

KCC - 18

It’s time to channel your inner child, and make some music with whatever you have around OTHER than actual instruments. Rice in a jar. Crystal water glasses. Pots and pans - anything that makes sound. Play a song or a melody (you can use a well known song or one you just made up!) and let’s hear that beautiful music! No using instruments or anything electronic.

Check out the winning entry from Day 18 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 17 - $100

KCC - 17

Life has been a little bit like Groundhog Day lately, which we can put some positive spin on and call it a well oiled routine! We want to see what it’s like to be you these days. Film  “A Day In The (Quarantine) Life” piece and let us see what you’ve been doing.

Check out the winning entry from Day 17 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 16 - $50

KCC - 20
Weird Al might be the King of the parody, but we are looking to pass on the crown. Pick a popular song to parody, and write lyrics inspired by isolation and quarantine. It’s up to you how you present it, this can just be written lyrics, recorded a capella, or full on music video. Hit me with your best shot!

Check out the winning entry from Day 16 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 15 - $200

LIGHTS - CAMERA - ACTION. Every epic movie has an extremely talented crew behind the scenes making it. But we aren’t on a movie set - this is quarantine at it’s finest. Today, you’re putting on a one (wo)man show. You’re the writer, producer, set designer, make-up artist, lighting crew, costume stylist, director, camera crew and the star of the show. Let’s see what you’ve got for this. AND, SCENE! (You may collaborate with anyone you live with & are quarantined with).

Check out the winning entry from Day 15 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 14 - $50

It’s time to channel your inner Chip or Joanna Gains, roll up your sleeves, and do a little DIY. Create a how-to video about any DIY you want. This can be serious or in jest (in the spirit of #NailedIt). We want to learn something new from you…. Or even learn what not to do. This is gonna be fun!

Oh, and by the way - tomorrow will be our biggest prize yet - $200! Make sure you check it out!

Check out the winning entry from Day 14 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 13 - $100

“I’ll have what she’s having.” / “There’s no place like home” / “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Chances are, you know where all of these quotes came from! Movies are so iconic, and sometimes these quotes become things we say in everyday life. Today’s challenge is to reenact a scene from your favorite movie or an iconic movie. Make sure to tell us what movie it is, and tag any actors or directors that you are emulating! 

Check out the winning entry from Day 13 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 12 - $50

Poetry is such a unique art form. Full of structured rules alongside the freedom to write as you please. Haikus are only defined by their number of syllables, which is an interesting limitation. Today’s challenge is to write a haiku that includes the word quarantine (which is three syllables)!  As a reminder, Haikus are traditionally 5 - 7 - 5 syllables. These can be inspired by humor, art, grief, joy, real life and everything in between.

Check out the winning entry from Day 12 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 11 - $50

There’s something to be said about creating something with your hands (after you’ve washed them, of course). When we were kids, we were always making something new out of absolutely nothing. Today’s challenge is just to make something - anything at all - that is three dimensional. It doesn’t have to be out of fancy art materials, just whatever you have around. Play Doh, cardboard boxes, legos , baked goods - let your imagination wander.

Check out the winning entry from Day 11 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 10 - $100


I think T-Swift said it best, sometimes you just need to SHAKE IT OFF! We wanna see your moves. Create and film a Coronavirus inspired dance routine. They don’t need to be professional or complicated. Afterall, the Macarena was a worldwide phenomenon! This can be inspired by social distancing, self isolation, working from home, washing your hands, school being canceled, or anything else you’re experiencing during this time. JUST DANCE IT OUT!

Check out the winning entry from Day 10 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 9 - $50


Staying at home 24/7 may have landed you with a little extra free time. We want to know - how are you spending it? What new hobby have you picked up during social distancing? Calligraphy? Teaching yourself motion graphics? Taking an online dance class? Show us what you’re working on or something you’ve already created.

Check out the winning entry from Day 9 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 8 - $100


This season’s hottest trend is: washing your hands as often as possible. Not to brag, but we were washing our hands way before it was cool! Since most of us are scrubbing our hands several times a day, we are going to at least make some art out of it. Today’s challenge is to film yourself washing your hands, and cut it into a movie trailer for the newest thriller: SILENCE OF THE GERMS. Don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re finished!

Check out the winning entry from Day 8 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 7 - $100

COVID-19 is getting a ton of publicity these days. Safe to say it’s all pretty bad press, so we think it needs a bit of a PR makeover. Your challenge is to create a logo and tagline for COVID-19. *This is not to make light of the situation, but to find joy and creativity where we can, and to help you stay inspired during a time of uncertainty.*

Check out the winning entry from Day 7 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 6 - $50

Social distancing is a great time for self reflection. We invite you to create an isolation self portrait in whatever medium and style you choose. It can represent who you are today, who you’ve been before, or who you want to be! Picasso painted at least 14 self portraits, and they were all completely different. Feel free to explore and experiment with this.

Check out the winning entry from Day 6 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 5 - $50

New podcasts are released every day. You may not be able to start one right now, but if you were, what would it be about? Give us the name and theme of your podcast, and we will pick the most creative one! We have a podcast called Keep Creating, where we talk to different people like designer Ugmonk and muralist Nathan Brown about what creating means to them. Once you’ve come up with your podcast idea, download a few episodes of the Keep Creating podcast to keep you entertained during social isolation!

Check out the winning entry from Day 5 here.

: Day 4 - $100


Does anyone else remember the show “Making The Video”? We’re throwing it back today! We want to see what you come up with to make your own music video using our free song, “Head In The Clouds”. The sky is quite literally the limit - this can be a dance routine, artsy, starring your cat, anything goes!

You can download the song for free through this link.

Check out the winning entry from Day 4 here.

To download in Chrome: right click on “this link” above, and select “Save Link As” and it should give you the option to download and save wherever you’d like. Then open and run with iTunes or any other media player.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.04.15 PM
To download on Safari: right click on “this link” above, and select “Download Linked File”. Then open and run with iTunes or any other media player.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.01.53 PM

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 3 - $50


Cooking currently feels like we’re all on a very special episode of Chopped: Meals for Social Distancing Edition. With some grocery items restocking slower than usual, and the need to limit our trips out of the house, it’s safe to assume we’ve all made an interesting meal or two recently. Post a photo or video of your best creative recipe for one. Clean out that pantry and freezer, and make something creative and delicious.

Check out the winning entry from Day 3 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 2 - $50


We may not be able to go out to eat right now, but many local restaurants are offering to-go and delivery options. Make a quick video telling us what local restaurant you’ll be ordering in from, what you love about them, and what options they have right now (delivery, curbside pick up, etc). Tag them if they are on social media so others in your area can check them out!

Check out the winning entry from Day 2 here.

#KeepCreatingChallenge: Day 1 - $100

We’re getting back to the basics on our first day. We’re challenging you to draw, color, or paint an interesting image. Don’t fancy yourself a visual artist? *Even better.* We’re looking for something really fun, creative, and outside-the-box. 

Check out the winning entry from Day 1 here.

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