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Introducing the Soundstripe Mobile App

Soundstripe Team

Aug 29, 2022

You might already think of Soundstripe as a go-to place for royalty free music. Or maybe this is one of your first times visiting the Soundstripe blog. Either way, we appreciate your trust in us when it comes to helping you create your video content.

But we also listen to your feedback. We’re always looking for ways to provide even more benefits and features to make your production process easier, cheaper, and faster.

One of the most common things people have asked for is a Soundstripe mobile app. And if you’re one of the creators who’s wished for an app, then we have good news:


We’ve officially launched our first mobile app. It’s publicly available for iOS devices in the App Store (download it here) and the Google Play store (download it here).

Features and benefits of the Soundstripe mobile app

Here’s the gist: With the Soundstripe app, you can keep creating anywhere. And to do that, we wanted to get you the tools and features to simplify your workflow even when you’re away from your desktop. (Because we all know that great ideas can strike literally anywhere.)

  • Highly curated and featured playlists
  • Seamless song playback
  • Waveform control
  • All of your favorite search and filters
  • Similar song suggestions
  • Save your favorites
  • Edit custom playlists
  • Download songs straight to your device
  • Share songs and playlists
  • Light and Dark Mode themes

And this is just v1 of our app. It’s only the beginning, and we’re already looking at additional things we can add — like our SFX library.



If you have any features, integrations, or ideas about how we can make the Soundstripe app the most useful tool on your phone, you can send them to help@soundstripe.com