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Introducing Our New SDK Partner: Img.ly

Soundstripe Team

May 23, 2023

Big news: Soundstripe is now partnered with Img.ly!

This partnership directly benefits entrepreneurs, product owners, and app developers who want to bring video editing and exceptional music to their users.

Here’s how it works: Img.ly has pre-programmed our Soundstripe API into the “Music” option for their VE.SDK customers. So if you use the VideoEditor SDK to build video editing into your app, you automatically have free access to seven Soundstripe songs.

With our API integration, you can pass these benefits from Soundstripe into your product: 

  • Access to label quality music and SFX
  • Resources for streamlining your editing workflow
  • Worry-free music licensing and coverage

If you’re an Img.ly customer and want to unlock our full music library, get in touch with our sales team

Why we're partnering with Img.ly

Video content has become a fundamental part of how we consume digital media. From apps to games to platforms, creating and editing video is now a core experience for many users. 

Img.ly’s mission is to provide the best toolkit for building creative experiences. Their VideoEditor SDK makes it refreshingly simple to add a full suite of editing features to your software. 

That’s the main reason we wanted to partner with them: Img.ly is making video editing accessible to anyone who’s building an app. 

(Kind of like how we’re making royalty-free music accessible for all creators.) 

Here’s another reason: Img.ly is an industry leader. 

Companies like Shopify, HP, Hootsuite, and SEMRUSH trust Img.ly’s SDK for their applications. By partnering with Img,ly, we’re pairing our world-class music with their market-leading technology.  

Transform your product experience

Historically, it hasn’t been easy to find good music for use on digital platforms. 

Music licensing is far from straightforward, and finding a music provider with the right usage terms has been like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Music quality is another issue. Deploying stock audio that doesn’t meet your brand standards can negatively impact how people view your product. 

Our partnership with Img.ly allows you to seamlessly add royalty-free music and video editing to your app — which gives your users even more value in the product experience. 

Want to unlock our full music library as an Img.ly customer? Get in touch with us today.