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8 Quick Steps to Create Your Custom Soundstripe Playlist (in neato gifs!)

Creating a custom playlist is a fantastic way to save songs for later reference. It's a very useful tool to save time editing. Also, just between you and I (this is Jack at Soundstripe by the way) gotta say... Lately I've been jamming out to my Soundstripe playlists more than my own Spotify! Sshhhh, let's not tell them. Or you know, do, because you can also listen to a bunch of our catalog on our new Soundstripe's Spotify playlist :D

1. Listen to a song you like.

Play the song song you're interested in.

2. Create a new playlist by clicking "Add Playlist"

Create a new playlist.

3. Click on "My Playlists"

Click on "My Playlists" on the left side of your dashboard.

4. Drag and drop a custom image for your playlist, or browse for one.

Upload an image for your playlist.

5: Name your awesome new playlist. Project type is fantastic place to start!

Create a name for your new playlist. Project type is a great place to start!

6. Describe your playlist. This helps add context. Vibe, tone, inspiration, anything you like!

Add a description to your playlist. This adds context to help reference playlists later. Consider describing it using tone, inspiration, anything you like!

7. If you'd like to make your playlist public simply toggle over to public, or keep it private if it's top secret!

Select if you want to make your playlist public to collaborate or share, or keep it private for your eyes only.

8. Click save.

Once you click save, your new custom playlist is ready to go!

Bada-bing-bada-boom! You're ready to roll my friend! Drop us a line if there's any other way we can help via help@soundstripe.com. Short on time? We'll even make a custom playlist for you. Just send us the project type and vibe you're going for. We love what you do! Keep creating!

Unlimited Royalty Free Music + SFX


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