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Hey Podcasters, Your Royalty-Free Playlists Are Here

As far back as the 1920s, music and audio storytelling have been intertwined. 

During the Golden Age of Radio, audio was the primary entertainment medium for people. From dramas like War of the Worlds to mysteries like The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a rich diversity of stories filled the airwaves. 

The most successful of these shows relied on music to begin the program, transition between segments, and heighten the emotion of dramatic moments.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



Today, podcasters are building on the rich tradition of radio by producing an extraordinary range of stories for the audio medium.

Regardless of what type of story you’re telling, you still need quality music to add those meaningful details to each episode and realize the full potential of your content. 

Unfortunately, podcast music hasn’t always been easy to find. 

Historically, licenses have either been too complicated, the prices too high, or the quality of music too low. 

We know the struggle, and we’re here to help. We believe the podcast community deserves access to outstanding royalty-free music. 

Since our mission as a company is to Keep Creators Creating, you could say it’s our responsibility to provide podcasters with the resources you need to do your best work. 

That’s why we’re releasing a whole series of playlists dedicated to podcasting

Here’s a rundown:


(click any playlist below to listen now)

Top Hits Podcast Playlist

Let's Talk Podcast Playlist

Corporate Cast Podcast Playlist

Podcast Playlist Energetic Intros

Electronic Podcast PlaylistWe know quality matters, so every one of these playlists is filled with songs handpicked by our award-winning producers. This is the music you need to create memorable stories and build an engaged audience. 

Find that perfect intro you’ve been searching for. Discover background music that amplifies key moments in your show. Score transitions with tunes that draw listeners deeper into the story. 

It’s all here. All you’ve got to do is dive in. 

Just click on any one of the playlists above to start listening. 

One more thing.

If you want to get more inspiration, education, and tools to keep growing as a creative, check out our Keep Creating podcastFrom the Director of STORY Harris III to Pedro the Lion and Anberlin Producer Aaron Sprinkle, we interview top tier creative professionals to learn how they produce outstanding work. Check it out on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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