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Top 5 Premiere Pro Extensions and Plugins

Jourdan Aldredge

Jun 28, 2024

Looking to level up your video editing skills and workflows? Well, we have you covered with some of our top recommendations for the best Adobe Premiere Pro extensions and plugins.

Why Premiere Pro, you ask? Well, simply because Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing softwares available—both for beginners and pros alike.

With Premiere Pro, you can create videos for all of your different social content needs or edit your short or feature-length films using the same app used by many industry professionals. Premiere Pro also has many new AI tools and features built in, as well as plenty of ways to try your hand at more advanced motion graphics or animation.

Plus, being a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro is an ideal choice for anyone looking to smoothly integrate with other Adobe products like After Effects, Audition, or even Photoshop.

Regardless of your reasons for using Premiere Pro, though, it never hurts to look for new and helpful tools and features to streamline your workflows and make your videos more dynamic and fun. Here are some of our top picks for the best Premiere Pro extensions, which you should absolutely try today.

Soundstripe Extension


So, to start our list, we have to direct you to check out our Soundstripe extension for Premiere Pro. This music licensing extension has been designed specifically for use in Premiere Pro and is available on Adobe Exchange

The Soundstripe Premiere Pro extension helps you streamline your video editing process. You can browse, purchase, and upload music and SFX directly in Premiere Pro with instant results. It’s a great tool for both Soundstripe subscribers and those interested in Soundstripe, as you’ll be able to test out different tracks right in your edits without needing to switch out of the app.

Key Features include:

  • In-App Panel with Full Functionality: Do away with bouncing between Soundstripe's website and your native Adobe Premiere Pro desktop application and project workflow to search for, listen to, preview, license and get your video projects done simultaneously
  • The Full Catalog of Music & SFX: Access to the full Soundstripe catalog of carefully curated Music, including our library of 35,000+ Sound Effects
  • Import Song Previews: With only one click, import a watermarked track before licensing
  • Audio-Player + Timeline Sync: Sync the Soundstripe audio player with your project timeline to make previewing tracks with your video clips even easier
  • License Directly in Premiere Pro: License and import tracks directly into your project bin or timeline with only two clicks
  • Intelligent Track Swapping: Song previews (watermarked) are automatically swapped out with high resolution files upon licensing, keeping all your edits in place

Here’s how to get started with the Soundstripe Extension:

  1. Download our Extension through Adobe Exchange. After you press INSTALL, the plugin will automatically sync to your Creative Cloud account.
  2. Next, you’re going to open a project in Premiere Pro and select WINDOW > EXTENSIONS. Select SOUNDSTRIPE, and our panel will appear. Be sure to undock the panel and adjust the window size to your preference.  (Note: you can really get a lot out of this plugin if you’re using a dual-monitor setup. Our panel has a lot of functionality and, in truth, is a mini version of our app.)
  3. Once the panel is resized and snapped into place, you’re ready to get started. Select the SETTINGS icon. Here, you can choose where your selected tracks go: straight into your bin, or onto your timeline in real time.  (Note: if you select the timeline, the watermarked songs/licensed songs will still go to your bin.)
  4. Filter and Search to find the music you're looking to test and work with, as you please!
  5. Once you are ready to try out a track, select the + icon to begin adding music to a video by dropping licensed tracks onto your timeline. Just like on our site, the RIGHT and LEFT arrows will take you to the next song when navigating the player.  (Note: for stems, after you select DOWNLOAD a badge will appear informing you where you songs were sent in your finder.)
  6. Now, if you’ve opted to DOWNLOAD watermarked songs, pressing the + icon licenses the song and replaces the watermarked version on your timeline and in your bin. 
  7. Soundstripe Premium Members can also license sound effects. The same, simple process applies!

Red Giant PluralEyes


Now, we can move on to other helpful Premiere Pro plugins and extensions. In particular, we’d like to start our list with many apps and plugins offered by Red Giant. Red Giant features a wide range of great and helpful tools for video editors looking to add all types of features to their video editing experience.

One tool in particular that we’d recommend is PluralEyes. For years, it has been a must-have for high-volume video editors as one of the best ways to quickly and easily sync disconnected audio and video files.

For those who are most often working with separate video and audio recorders, you know the pain of trying to match up all of these files to get your good audio connected with the right video clips. PluralEyes makes that a cinch with the click of a button.

You can get the Red Giant PluralEyes extension here.



Our next pick for the best premiere pro plugins is a helpful tool for those looking to make their footage more pristine and cinematic. Of course, there are many companies out there offering bundles for LUTs and film stocks, but this is one of the better options, as it includes a plugin to add effects directly in Premiere Pro.

FilmConvert Nitrate is available for both Premiere Pro and After Effects and is free to try — but requires an ultimately reasonably priced purchase for its full capabilities.

You can check out FilmConvert Nitrate here.



Moving along, we have another solid option from Maxon Red Giant to feature alongside our recommendation of PluralEyes above.The Maxon Red Giant Magic Bullet suite is chock-full of great Adobe Premiere plugins for those looking to work with color correction and grading. Truth be told, the Colorista plugin is one of the best available color extensions for Premiere Pro editors—and has been for many years.

While Adobe’s built-in color grading suite has certainly improved over the years, having an extension like Colorista with even more advanced and refined controls can help streamline and significantly improve your color correction workflow.

You can download the Colorista plugin here.

BorisFX Particle Illusion


Lastly, let’s wrap up our list with one of the best Premiere plugins we have seen. This is one of the most advanced and technical plugins available for Adobe Premiere Pro. BorisFX’s Particle Illusion is a powerful particle generator that gives editors access to many 3D particles, objects, widgets, etc.… 

This tool is fast and easy to use. It's built on fluid dynamics, which allows users to quickly create photorealistic textures for motion graphics, visual effects, titles, and lower thirds.

You get the BorisFX Particle Illusion plugin here.

Further reading

Those are just a few of the countless plugins and extensions available for Adobe Premiere Pro editors. If you’re interested in browsing dozens more, check out the full list of available plugins for Premiere Pro on Adobe Exchange.

Ultimately, finding the right Premiere extensions, tools and plugins will be all about recognizing which features might help improve your workflows and make your editing experience easier and more streamlined.

To help you along on your video editing journey, here are some additional articles from the Soundstripe blog featuring more tips, tricks, and helpful resources.