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5 New Features That Make Your Soundstripe Account Better

Lauren Cutrell

Apr 9, 2021

From excluding filters on song and video, 5,000 new videos, improved downloading UX, your account redesigned, we have new features and catalog updates you need to see.

Excluding Filters for Music and Video

You now have the option to exclude certain filter options (like Moods, Characteristics, Genres, Themes) to speed up your search and filter experience. 



Looking for something dark, but not angry?  In the Filter By menu, just click the checkbox to the left of the tag to include it, and then click the "Exclude" option to the right of a tag you are looking to omit in your search results.

You can include and/or exclude as many combinations of Filters as you please to find the most precise results for your Music & Video searches.

Don't forget, Filter By tags can also be combined with any free-form Search terms you choose to apply in the search bar. For more details on how to combine these, check out our blog post here!

Show & Hide Tracks for Downloading Alternate Versions

We heard your feedback about recent changes we made to the design of the Download experience for alternate versions of song files.

To improve your download workflow, we added a new feature option to Show Tracks / Hide Tracks, so that you can choose to download an individual file and/or a zip file of all alternate version files in one click.

The menu will be collapsed upon default to keep the Download Modal streamlined in appearance, but now you may choose to view all alternate versions individually and download any single version (or the whole bundle) as you choose.



New Menu & Profile Page

Customers can now enjoy a more streamlined and updated Account Menu design. Menu options have been consolidated and reduced to optimize the user experience.

Additional changes will be coming in the future, including consolidation of the Billing Page and adding a link to “Invite Friends” with the new referral program to earn discounts and credits. Stay tuned!



Account holders now have access to an updated Profile Page, where they can view and edit their profile, and view current details about their current plan, feature access, and renewal date.



Subscription Tab for all Account Holders

Customers now have access to a Subscription tab under their Account Profile Page. This page shows each user their current plan and offerings, and in addition, shows all available Soundstripe plan options, including feature descriptions and pricing.

From this page, a user can upgrade or change their plan content access by choosing "Select Plan" beside the plan they choose. Upon selecting a new plan type, you will see a confirmation of your new plan selection, billing date and pricing. 



Cue Sheet Template on Download Modal, Pre-filled

Cue Sheet templates are now called out in their own link on the Download Modal for easy access and clear communication, with a tooltip helping you know when a cue sheet should be submitted. Look for “Cue Sheet Templates” under the License Information section on Download.



Upon downloading any Cue Sheet Template, the following information will be pre-populated into relevant fields for you like magic (Song Title, Writer Name, Publisher PRO, Publisher Name). We hope the time-saved is a relief on your cue sheet submissions.

Need more info on how and when you should submit a cue sheet?  Check out our blog post here!

But, that’s not it. We have more features being prepped for release over the next few weeks. 

Coming Soon 🙌

  • A new Billing tab in your Account page
  • An “Invite Friends”  link to earn discounts and credits from referral
  • New & improved SFX Categories & Search optimization
  • Video details like CODEC, duration, format and more!
  • Recent & Popular sorting on the Video Library
  • Video Artist Pages & Following