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Get More Precise Results by Excluding Filters

Meredith Knott

Mar 26, 2021

Excluding Filters Help You Find The Right Songs & Videos

"I'm looking for a documentary piece with striking piano notes but not strings - can you help me find that?"

"I've got the key and genre nailed down, but I'd love to exclude anything marked as chill."

You asked, and we listened. Now available in Music & Video - Exclude Filters.

Looking for something dark, but not angry?  In the Filter By menu, just click the checkbox to the left of the tag to include it, and then click the "Exclude" option to the right of a tag you are looking to omit in your search results.

It's that easy!

You can include and/or exclude as many combinations of Filters as you please to find the most precise results for your Music & Video searches.

Exclusion filters can be applied to any of the following filter categories:

  • Music
    1. Mood
    2. Characteristic
    3. Genre
    4. Energy
    5. Instrument
    6. Artist
    7. Previously Licensed
  • Video
    • Theme
    • Frame Rate
    • Resolution
    • Shot Detail
    • Artist
    • Previously Licensed

Don't forget, Filter By tags can also be combined with any free-form Search terms you choose to apply in the search bar.

Did you know even search terms can also be excluded? Simply type a hyphen "-" sign in front of any keyword, theme, topic, lyric that you are looking for.  For example, I'm looking for a video of fish, but not people fishing, so I might type "Fish -People".

As a Product team at Soundstripe, we strive to help our customers like you find the content you need, even faster; so how did we do with the Excluding Filters feature? 

We value your honest feedback. Reach us at help@soundstripe.com to let us know how to keep making this Soundstripe better for you.