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  • My Twitch stream was muted. What do I do?

    We are sorry to hear that you have experienced stream muting while using the Soundstripe extension for Twitch.  Currently, Twitch does not verify content against an internal copyright content ID system, but instead outsources that to a third-party company called Audible Magic.  If your stream is muted, it's because something in your content flagged as "copyrighted content" within Audible Magic's database.

    As a Soundstripe extension user, you do have all licensing rights needed to broadcast using Soundstripe extension playlists.  Twitch does have a process for responding to copyrighted content claims.  Following these instructions will help you file a claim with Twitch:

    1. Log into Twitch and access your Video Manager on your dashboard.  Select the video you would like to appeal and choose “Appeal muted audio” from the dropdown menu.

    2. Select the Soundstripe extension song that you would like to appeal from the list provided.  Under “appeal reason” select: "I have permission from all applicable rights holders to use the audio and distribute it on Twitch as part of my video".  Click the “appeal selected” button at the bottom of the screen.

    3. You will be taken to a form that you must fill out in completion and submit to Twitch.  Submit this form and complete the appeal. 

    4. You can check the status of any current appeals by clicking on the videos for which you have submitted an appeal.  Twitch should send you an email updating you on the status of your videos once they have reviewed your claim.

    5. Let us know!  If you have experienced a content claim with a Soundstripe song, please email us at with the name of the song. 

    We apologize for this inconvenience and hope these steps help to quickly resolve this issue for you.  If you continue to have trouble, please let us know!

  • Why are my viewers having trouble hearing the music?

    For Mac users using Twitch Studio - Twitch requires broadcasters to manually grant permission for their desktop audio to be heard. Please go to to the "Known Issues" section. Under "Unable to hear my desktop audio" there are instructions provided by Twitch to resolve this issue.

    For other streaming software - reach out at

  • Can I create my own playlist?

    This functionality is not currently available in the extension. However, if you sign up for a paid subscription you may stream directly from our site. A paid subscription also allows you to create playlists, favorite tracks, and access additional curated playlists that can be used in your stream.

  • Can I stream directly from

    Yes, but a paid Soundstripe subscription is needed to stream directly from our site. Once you have subscribed you have access to all of the functionality that is included with your subscription. You do not need to license individual tracks to stream live as long as your subscription is valid.

  • Have a request for more music - we’d love to hear from you!

    Email us at and let us know what you’d like to see added to the Soundstripe extension playlists.  Tell us about your streaming content and what types of music you’d like to share in your broadcasts!