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  • What happens if I cancel my membership?

    Short Answer: Nothing.

    Long Answer: As part of a Subscription License, you may use any of our offerings (music, sound effects, etc.) in your projects while subscribed, subject to our Terms of Use. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you cannot use our offerings in new projects. In addition, for each use of the offering that is broadcast on network/cable television, a cue sheet is required.

    As part of a Lifetime License, you may use the licensed offering in any of your current and future projects, subject to our Terms of Use. However, for each use of the offering that is broadcast on network/cable television, a cue sheet is required. 

  • Once I download a track, can I use it multiple times for multiple projects?

    Short Answer: Yes. 

    Long Answer: As part of a Subscription License, you may download unlimited content and use songs, SFX and videos in as many projects as you'd like during the length of your subscription, subject to our Terms of Use.  You do not need to re-download any content in order to use content again during the length of your subscription. If a Proof of License is needed for multiple projects, new license documentation can be downloaded any time during your subscription from your Downloads Page in My Media.

    If you choose to cancel your subscription, you cannot use our content in new projects. In addition, for each use of music that is broadcast on network/cable television, a cue sheet is required.

    When purchasing a Lifetime License, you are generating a license for use in any of your projects at any time, subject to our Terms of Use. However, for each use of the content that is broadcast on network/cable television, a cue sheet is required.

  • Can I re-download or use downloaded content after my subscription expires?

    Short Answer:  No.

    Long Answer:  If you choose to cancel your subscription, you cannot re-download or use our content in new projects.

    If you purchase a Lifetime License for a song, you are generating a license for use in any of your projects, at any time, subject to our Terms of Use.

  • Can I cancel whenever? What about refunds?

    Short Answer: Yes and no. 

    Long Answer: You are able to cancel your account at any time. Requests to cancel within the first 30 days of the initial subscription period may be entitled to a refund if you have not used any of our content. A refund will not be issued for failure to cancel your account before the billing period renews, and annual cancellations are not entitled to a prorated refund. You will not be eligible for any prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for during the subscription period. Should you believe a refund or credit to your account is deserved, contact our Customer Support department at help@soundstripe.com — we will review this request promptly.

  • How often do you add new content?

    Short Answer: Often.

    Long Answer: We’re curating daily to keep content fresh and relevant! We release new songs to our music catalog every Friday, hundreds each month. We add thousands of new SFX and videos to our catalog every quarter. Be sure to check out our Recently Added Playlists.

  • Do you have a formal legal license agreement to look at?

    Short Answer: Yes, our Terms of Use serve as our license agreement. 

    Long Answer: You can view our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here. 

  • What are your restrictions?

    Short Answer: Nudity and live performances.

    Long Answer: We only have a couple restrictions. The first is the use of any content licensed from Soundstripe  with nudity. Live performances of our music are also prohibited.

  • Do I need to provide a Cue Sheet for Broadcast on TV? What are Cue Sheets?

    Short Answer: Yes, for music only.

    Long Answer: You can license our content for commercial purposes, but a cue sheet is required if the project is broadcast on network/cable television. When using a Soundstripe song for TV, cue sheets help the performing rights organizations know whom to pay for the use of that song. Broadcast and cue sheets do not add any cost to you or your client but are required to be submitted within 30 days of air date for every project that airs on network/cable television. Sound effects and videos do not require cue sheet submission for broadcast use.

  • Can I pay by E-Check?

    Short Answer: No.

    Long Answer: Currently, we have the ability to accept 16-digit credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

  • Do you have a partner or affiliate program I can sign up for?

    Short Answer: Yes.

    Long Answer: Yes we do! Click here to apply. You will be contacted in 24-48 hours.

  • What type of plan do I need?

    Soundstripe offers plan options that meet you wherever you are in your creative needs.  

    The Creator plan is perfect for influencers looking to elevate their content and personal brand through high quality music and sound effects.  Creator includes monetization and clearance for one YouTube channel, and weekly new music drops.

    Creating video content for clients and multiple social media channels? The Pro plan is designed to support freelancers with simple, unlimited licensing that covers you and your clients across all social and commercial platforms.  Pro includes everything in Creator, plus workflow tools and professional features like stems, Adobe Premiere Pro, Frame.io and Twitch extensions, monetization for up to 5 YouTube channels, and Content ID clearance tools that allow you to focus on creating.

    Ready to enhance your content production with video?  The Pro Plus plan is designed to support freelancers, small businesses, and creative teams with access to a diverse library of music, sound effects and footage.  Pro Plus includes everything in Creator and Pro, plus custom curation services provide professionally-curated content specific to your creative needs.

  • Can I use music from Soundstripe to create my own song?

    Short Answer: No.‍

    Long Answer: All of the content on our site is copyrighted material, so altering the integrity of the song (including adding vocals or additional instruments) is strictly prohibited. However, you may shorten, loop, or fade into another track to fit your project.

  • ‍Can I use Soundstripe content for my podcast?

    Short Answer: Yes!‍

    Long Answer: Music may be used for podcasts, too! Songs and SFX can be downloaded once and used as many times as you like throughout your active subscription. If your subscription expires, you no longer have the rights to use downloaded content in future podcast episodes.

    When purchasing a Lifetime License, you generate just one license for the song allowing you to use the song in multiple podcast episodes, in perpetuity.

  • A video that I used my licensed Soundstripe music in was muted on Facebook. What should I do?

    As a Soundstripe subscriber, you have all rights and clearance to use your licensed music on any social media platform, Facebook included.  Meta, including Facebook and Instagram, is a huge, ever-changing company that makes continuous product and policy changes.  Unfortunately, at this time, Facebook has not built the same level of sophisticated content identification tools as YouTube, and therefore, due to changing policies and procedures, our customers do sometimes receive video mutings in error, though this is rare.  99.98% of videos containing licensed Soundstripe music on social media platforms are claim-free.  Facebook does not yet allow third-party music libraries to clear channel or video content the way that YouTube does, but this technology is constantly evolving and we hope that Facebook offers these services in the near future.

    Facebook requires customers that have muted videos to dispute the issue directly with them, instead of via Soundstripe. Soundstripe does provide you with all needed documentation to support your correct license and usage of our music.  Your Proof of License can be found on the Downloads Page of your account at any time. In our experience, Facebook clears these claims anywhere from within minutes to up to 30 days time.  If you need any assistance in filing a dispute with Facebook, please reach out to our team at claims@soundstripe.com.

  • What is YouTube's Content ID?

    Copyright owners can use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.  Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to YouTube by content owners.

    Copyright owners get to decide what happens when content in a video on YouTube matches a work they own.  When a match is found, the video gets a Content ID claim.  Copyright owners can then choose to monetize the video by running ads.

    Learn more about Content ID on YouTube.

  • What happens if I receive a content claim on my YouTube video?

    When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will automatically scan the video for any copyrighted material and put a claim on any copyrighted content it identifies, whether or not the uploader has a license for that content.  This claim simply recognizes the presence of copyrighted music and does not mean that your video cannot be published or that there is anything wrong.

    When you license music through Soundstripe, you have all of the licensing rights needed to upload content to a YouTube channel.  Any claims received on a channel that has been listed with Soundstripe will automatically be cleared, usually within a few minutes.  Depending on your plan, you will need to ensure you took the right steps for your Account on the Content ID tab to clear your content.

    Creator customers will need to list your YouTube channel on your account under the Profile Menu > Account > Content ID tab.  Pro & Pro Plus customers, if a YouTube channel is not listed with your account or you are creating videos for a client, you should generate a single use code and include that code in the video’s description upon upload.  These codes will also cause any claims to clear automatically.  

    If a claim is received that does not clear automatically, Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can submit the YouTube video URL in the Content ID section of the Account Menu to clear any active claims.  Videos must be uploaded during the dates of an active subscription, but may be submitted at any time.

    As with any system, YouTube’s Content ID is a growing and changing product, and errors do sometimes happen.  If you receive a content claim in error that does not release automatically, you can dispute the claim directly with YouTube.  Filing a dispute claim will notify Soundstripe about the claim and allow us to evaluate the dispute.  After your claim is resolved, any monetization that occurred on your video during the dispute process will be returned to you.  Additional questions or concerns?  Please reach out to us at claims@soundstripe.com.

    Learn more about disputing a content claim through YouTube.

  • Why should I list my YouTube channel with Soundstripe?

    Adding your YouTube channel to your Soundstripe account allows us to automatically clear any copyright claims that appear through YouTube videos. When you upload a video you may initially see a claim on YouTube (assigned by our technology partner Hexacorp), but as long as you have listed your YouTube channel with Soundstripe, the claim will automatically clear, usually within a few minutes. If not, please reach out to claims@soundstripe.com and let us know how we can help.

  • Do I need to list the YouTube channels for all of my previous YouTube videos uploaded before June 2, 2021?

    Nope!  All videos using licensed Soundstripe music that were uploaded to YouTube prior to June 2, 2021 will be automatically grandfathered into our content claim program and cleared.  You may see a content claim on these videos at some point, but that claim will be released automatically, usually within minutes.

  • What happens to my YouTube channel if I no longer subscribe to Soundstripe?

    Your registered YouTube channel will be cleared of content claims automatically while you are a member.  If you end your subscription, any content that has already been cleared while you were an active member will remain free of content claims.  However, if you upload new videos to your YouTube channel using Soundstripe music after your subscription has ceased, those videos will be subject to content claims per our Terms of Service.

    Single use codes used to clear individual videos for channels not listed with Soundstripe cannot be generated after a subscription expires.  If you are producing YouTube content that will be uploaded after your subscription period ends, please generate a single use code for any songs used in a project prior to the end of your subscription period.

  • How do I protect my client’s channel from content claims?

    For Pro and Pro Plus customers, music licensed for videos that will be uploaded to a client’s channel (or any channel not listed under your Soundstripe account) will be automatically cleared of content claims through single use codes.

    For each song used in a video, a single use code should be generated from the Download Modal or Licenses page.  The code(s) should be copied and pasted into the video’s description when it is uploaded to YouTube in a single line of text using the following format:
    For multiple songs in one video, this format can be used:
    This code will allow Soundstripe to recognize that the song(s) were licensed through an active subscription and any related content claims will be automatically cleared, usually within minutes.

    For songs with a lifetime license, a new single use code will need to be generated for each new use of a song in a video.

    If a claim is received that does not clear automatically, Soundstripe Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can submit the YouTube video URL in the Content ID section of the Account Menu to clear any active claims.  Videos must be uploaded during the dates of an active subscription, but may be submitted at any time.

  • If I list my channel with Soundstripe, what data do you have access to?

    When you list your YouTube channel on your Soundstripe account, you are simply providing your channel name and link, allowing us to clear that channel ID.  Soundstripe does not gain access to any private channel data, or access to your audience.

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