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7 YouTube Background Music Vibes for Your Summer Travel Vlog

Aug 20, 2018

Plenty of people dream of traveling the world, but life often gets in the way.

Fortunately, they can do the next best thing, which is jump onto YouTube and follow their favorite travel stars, like Louis Cole, Jackson Harries, Ben Brown and Raya Encheva.

If you are a travel vlogger looking to join the ranks of these travel superstars or just want to get someone other than your mom to check out your summer travel vlog, then make sure you choose the right music for your YouTube travel videos.

Music will play a huge role in how your viewers connect to the amazing summer destinations you want to showcase.

Let’s look at some of the top music vibes for summer travel videos as well as why music for your YouTube videos plays such an important role in your success.

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Why Music Is a Critical Component of Your Summer Travel Vlog

Travel vlogs are among the most popular video genre on YouTube.

Plenty of people use YouTube travel vlogs to escape across continents and oceans and to explore new cultures and people without ever leaving their homes or offices.

Travel vlogging allows you to share fascinating places and cultures with your fans and maybe even be able to provide you with a revenue source. Travel vlogs open minds, erase borders, and showcase our shared humanity, which may just make the world a more tolerant and understanding place.

Of course, that can only happen if people actually watch your videos. You aren’t the only one who wants to show off their adventures and maybe earn a little ad revenue on the side. The competition to be a successful travel vlogger is stiff, so how do you set yourself apart?

First, you absolutely need to focus on highly quality production value on all your videos. Viewers aren’t going to sit through a shaky cellphone video with bad lighting and garbled sound. These days, viewers expect professional level quality, even from one-person channels. That includes the use of great music in every video.

Royalty free music is one of the most important aspects of your travel vlog. It will help set the mood of your video and give viewers a soundtrack for a destination that they may be experiencing for the first time.

The right musical choice can create a powerful emotional connection between the viewer and your destination and help cement their fascination with that place’s unique beauty and culture!

How to Find the Right Vibe for Your Summer Travel Vlog

Since music for your YouTube videos is so important to the success of your travel vlog, how do you decide what type of music to use? These days, there’s so much music to choose from, it’s easy to face “analysis paralysis” or the inability to choose from so many options. Here are a few helpful guidelines to help you pick the right music for your summer travel vlog:

Figure Out the “Vibe” or Feeling of Your Video

There are so many different ways to see the same city.

One interpretation can express the grandeur of its most famous monuments. Another perspective can express the joy of meeting local people and trying delicious local dishes.

Yet another take can focus on social and economic challenges the city faces. Your travel vlog allows you to tell the story of the destination from your own perspective. Determine the overall vibe of your videos and then find music to match.

Do you want to express your wonderment and awe of a destination, or is your video bouncy and bubbly?  Do you want your audience to feel excited, contemplative, or even a little sad? These themes can lead you to the right mood of music that will support the vibe you want to convey.

Match the Music to the Landscape


What part of your destination will your summer vlog focus on?

Is this going to be a beach video, or will you be exploring the cosmopolitan heart of a city? Maybe you’re planning on trekking into the wilderness instead, searching for some zen.

Different landscapes lend themselves to different vibes, and require different types of ambient music. We can all imagine soundtracks that fit a beach, a busy urban city, and a peaceful forest; and they’re all different.

Give some thoughts to the environment of your video and what type of music would best complement it.

Bring in Local Flavors

The whole point of travel vlogging is to showcase the unique beauty of an exotic place.

Every culture includes local music. Consider incorporating aspects of local music into your travel vlog, whether that means choosing soundtracks that use local instruments or utilizing music genres that identify with that place or culture. Just be careful. There is a fine line between celebrating local music and appropriating it!

Be Consistent

As you work to build your brand as a travel vlogger, you’ll need to figure out how to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack.

What makes you different and sets your videos apart?

Music can play a role in helping you define your brand, but only if you use it consistently. Maybe you want to define yourself as a bubbly, happy personality who finds the beauty in every place you visit.

Choose upbeat musical themes to support that personality. Consistency does not mean repeating the same music in all of your videos. It means maintaining a musical theme through each new vlog.

With these important tips in mind, let’s look at specific music vibes that work particularly well for summer travel vloggers.

Seven Music Vibes for Your Summer Travel Vlog

1.      Playful/Upbeat

It’s summer! The sun is shining down, and you’ve got a new city, country, or continent to explore. Playful and upbeat music is a great way to share the positive vacation vibes that most of us associate with travel. It expresses a carefree attitude that lightens the soul.

Our Favorite Playful Tune:“Sunshine State” by Finn’s Fandango

2.     Happy/Joyful

Share your love of travel with a happy or joyful musical soundtrack. This is a great way to shift the mood of your viewers, especially if they’re relying on your video for a mental getaway. Joyful music is the perfect way to express your awe and wonderment of a new place as well as exciting sights around the city. It also works great if you have a happy and bubbly personality.

Our Favorite Joyful Tune:“Open Windows” by Aaron Sprinkle

3.      Bouncy/Dancey


[alt tag: Young man and woman celebrate during summer concert.]

Use bouncy or dancey music to celebrate the cosmopolitan pleasures of your destination. This fast-paced music is ideal for exploring a busy city, engaging in a local celebration, or hitting up the top nightlife spots in town.

Our Favorite Bouncy Tune:Happily Ever After by New Wave Sounds

4.     Ethereal/Tranquil

There are some sights that just take your breath away. Ethereal and reflective music is a great choice when you want to spotlight the beauty of a place and inspire awe and wonderment from your viewers. It can work really well in videos that feature ancient ruins, beautiful cathedrals, mosques, and other religious establishments, as well as memorials and cemeteries.

Our Favorite Tranquil Tune:“Refuge” by Be Still the Earth

5.     Calm/Relaxing


Are you thinking of trekking into a national forest for your summer travel vlog? What about seeking out a hidden waterfall or hitting the open water?

Calm, relaxing music is a great way to revel in nature’s beauty without overwhelming the power of the visual. Relaxing music also works to highlight gardens, museums, sunsets, and slower parts of your video where you and the viewer reflect on what you’ve seen and done.

Our Favorite Relaxing Tune:“Stargazing” by Outside the Sky

6.     Hopeful/Inspiring


Hopeful and inspiring music can fit almost any type of travel video. After all, traveling to a new place is an exercise in hope for a meaningful experience, memorable adventure, and important lessons learned. Inspiring music is a great option to use when showcasing monuments and natural beauty.  

Our Favorite Hopeful Tune:“I Keep Searching” by Adrian Walther

7.    Sad/Reflective

Not every summer travel video is meant to be happy and joyful. Maybe the purpose of your travel vlog, or at least this particular video, is to showcase a serious aspect of the destination you are visiting. Maybe you want to highlight things like local poverty, corruption, or the destruction of wildlife habitats.

For these videos, you’ll need to strike a serious tone that will help the issues you highlight hit home with your viewers. Sad or comforting music can strike the right vibe for these types of videos.

Our Favorite Reflective Tune:“Lost Together” by The Tide Rose

Where to Find the Best Music for YouTube Videos

Getting to your destination is only half the battle. If you want to be a successful travel vlogger, you will need to craft polished videos, which includes making great musical picks.

Even the most awe-inspiring places and monuments can seem bland if you don’t pair your shots in the perfect musical complement. Make sure you spend the time and effort to find the music that will do all your travels justice and make your viewers eager to pack their suitcase… or at least click on your next video.

At Soundstripe, we can help. We offer a huge selection of high quality, royalty free stock music. Sort our online music library by mood, genre, pace, and even instruments to find the songs with just the right vibe for your video.

You can even build personalized playlists to make it super easy to edit your video when you’ve gotten all your footage. We offer complete access to our online music library for just a monthly or yearly subscription fee. We take care of all the copyright and royalty issues so that you can focus on more important things, like what to pack on your next trip!

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