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Everything You Need to Know About the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan

Jourdan Aldredge

Jun 13, 2024

Looking to get started with royalty free music and sound effects for your company or brand? While you might be itching to sign up for a Creator or Pro plan and get started right away, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before diving in.

In particular, if you represent a small business, large corporation, or organization (or anything in between), you might have noticed the “Enterprise Plan” option on our pricing page and wondered if it is right for you.

Regardless of how you got here, though, if you’re unsure about which plan might be the best one for you and your brand, let’s go over everything you need to know about the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan and explore all of its perks, extra protections, and custom pricing options.

The basics of Soundstripe — what is music licensing?

Close up of a microphone on a drum kit recording music to be featured in Soundstripe's enterprise plan

Let’s start by taking a step back here and explaining the basics of Soundstripe and music licensing in general. On one hand, music licensing is fairly simple. You have artists who write and record music, brands, and content creators who want to use it for their YouTube videos, commercials, corporate content, advertisements, short films, etc…

Soundstripe connects these musicians and creators. However, it’s also a bit more complex than you might think. Numerous issues must be addressed, including sync licensing, the ownership and transfer of copyrights, and the nuances of subscription-based services.

In short, if you’re a freelancer or solo content creator looking for music for your videos, you’d probably benefit most from our Creator and Pro plans. However, if you represent a larger company or brand or create content for bigger clients, you’ll require the added support, amenities, and necessary licensing included in our Enterprise Plans.

What is Soundstripe’s Enterprise Plan?

Woman at computer editing sound for music licensing

So, what is the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan? Well, it’s basically a music licensing service tailored for companies, brands, non-profits, or other organizations that need a certain level of protection and insurance to ensure that the music used across all their different videos and channels is safe, protected, and of a trusted quality.

The Soundstripe Enterprise Plan is really the sweet spot for businesses that can’t license Katy Perry songs for tens of thousands of dollars from the major labels for their commercials but also have a high enough volume of content needs that paying per song licenses (which can range from $100 to $1,000 or even $10,000+) doesn’t make sense either.

Enter the Enterprise Plan from Soundstripe, a subscription-based service custom-tailored to your company or brand's music licensing needs. This service can provide you with the quality royalty-free music you’re after.

Who is the Enterprise Plan for?

Man playing guitar, recording music for the Soundstripe enterprise plan

Now, let’s cover what the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan is for and why you might benefit from the added protection and services. In short, the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan is for businesses.

Examples of businesses that could benefit from the Soundstripe Enterprise Plan would include corporations, companies, agencies, government organizations, universities, non-profits, or basically any entity where the license needs to be in the name of the company or organization and not an individual.

If you’re a freelancer or an individual content creator, you should be fine with using any basic Creator or Pro Plan from Soundstripe, but that’s only if you’re creating content for yourself or your solo brand.

Even if you’re a solo producer, if you’re creating content for any of the above-aforementioned companies, organizations, agencies, etc.… and it would make sense for any additional licensing protections to be passed to them instead of you, the largest brand in the chain should have an Enterprise Plan from Soundstripe.

Key Differences Between Pro and Enterprise Plans

Man at computer working on a music licensing agreement

If you’ve used the Soundstripe Pro plan in the past and are wondering exactly what the differences are between the Pro and Enterprise Plans, let’s go a bit more in-depth to explore all of the added benefits and protections that the Enterprise Plan will offer you.

User and Team Access:

The Pro Plan is designed for individual use, meaning that only the subscriber can access the account and its features. In contrast, the Enterprise Plan is tailored for businesses, allowing multiple team members to use the service under a single subscription. This access is crucial for collaborative projects where multiple users or teams need to work with licensed music.

Content and Usage:

The content available under each plan and how it can be used also differ significantly. The Pro Plan provides access to high-quality music for personal and independent projects. In contrast, the Enterprise Plan offers broader licensing options for business and organizational organic or commercial use—including more extensive rights for distributing and using music in various professional contexts.

Guarantees and Warranties:

With the Enterprise Plan, Soundstripe provides robust guarantees and warranties that are unavailable with the Pro Plan. These guarantees ensure that your music is legally sound and free from copyright disputes. This peace of mind is critical for businesses that rely on licensed music for commercial purposes.


One of the most significant benefits of the Enterprise Plan is the $1,000,000 indemnification Soundstripe provides. This indemnification means that if any legal claims are made against your use of Soundstripe music, Soundstripe will cover legal fees and costs up to $1,000,000. This protection is not available with the Pro Plan, making the Enterprise Plan indispensable for businesses looking to safeguard against potential legal issues.


The Enterprise Plan offers customizable contract terms to fit your business's unique needs. Whether you require specific licensing agreements, additional user access, or other custom solutions, the Enterprise Plan can be tailored to meet your requirements, ensuring you have the right support for your business operations.

Why Businesses Should Avoid the Pro Plan

Close up of a sound board, recording royalty free music and sound effects

If you’re still unsure whether the Pro or Enterprise Plan would be right for you and your business or organization, here are some additional points to consider. Subscribing to the Pro Plan as a business introduces several risks and limitations:

Access Issues:

Only the individual subscriber can access the account. If this person leaves the company, the subscription and any associated historical work cannot be transferred. This means a company could potentially lose access to music licenses and transparency of license history for that organization, which are vital in defending against potential copyright claims.

Legal Vulnerabilities

Without the indemnification provided by the Enterprise Plan, your business would be responsible for any legal disputes arising from using licensed music. This can lead to significant legal costs and potential damages.


Businesses using the Pro Plan would violate Soundstripe’s Terms and Conditions, which clearly state that the Pro Plan is for individual use only. This non-compliance can result in terminating your subscription and losing access to the music library.

How to Sign up for a Soundstripe Enterprise Plan

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your needs as an individual or organization to decide which plan is right for you. If you’re still unsure, contact a Soundstripe sales representative directly here

We can walk you through the custom pricing and term contract options and help you choose the right plan to license and protect you and your company.