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Jessie Villa's New Single "Thriller" Is Here

Can anything really compare to the rush of forbidden romance? You know you shouldn’t, but you do anyway. 

But when sparks fly, the intensity of the moment overwhelms our rational self. The heart gets what the heart wants — even if the longview doesn’t look so rosy. 

This is exactly the territory Jessie Villa explores on her sultry new single “Thriller.” Check it out: 

(You can also listen on Apple Music. )

“Thriller” opens like a confession onstage at a dark, smoky dive. Jessie sings about twilight over the twang of a Western rock guitar and a smattering of claps and snaps. 

As the story unfolds, Jessie raises her pitch, and the stakes become apparent: “It pulled me under. Silver tongue telling me lies. Somebody’s lover. It was the thrill of my life.”

Then the chorus charges into full-on anthem territory. The swell of guitar, adjoining backup vocals, and Jessie’s soaring vocals lets us know caution has been thrown to the wind. This is the rush that only comes when you put your inhibitions aside and give in. 

The relative calm of the verses compared to the catharsis of chorus parallel the emotional rollercoaster everyone rides in these relationships. 

So what about the aftermath? Was it the wrong decision? 

Midway through the track, Jessie lets us know: “As it got stronger, I started losing my mind. But if you asked me if I’d do it again, I’d tell you, ‘Baby, there’s nothing better than…’” 

If you know, you know. They may be bad ideas, but tumultuous affairs always give us the most thrill. 

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Originally from the East coast, Jessie now calls Nashville home. She joined Soundstripe as a topliner in the early days, and she’s written a slew of excellent songs that you can listen to and license in our library. 

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