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Our focus is to Keep Creatives Creating. Whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or just beginning your journey, Soundstripe is committed to providing the best music for your films at the most affordable price. We believe your creativity should not be inhibited by limiting your access to the best music available.

We have the best members.

"As a wedding filmmaker and YouTuber, I am constantly searching for new music. Soundstripe helps fill this need by giving filmmakers like myself an incredible gift: high-quality music from talented artists that is legal to use in our films. With constantly updated playlists for wedding films, I can find musical inspiration that matches my couple’s vibes quickly and easily. Likewise, if I need a song for a YouTube vlog, Soundstripe is there with a plethora of options to choose from."


"Soundstripe is dedicated to listening to us, the filmmakers, and that is so important to me. I love that they are constantly pushing for new music to be available each month."

BRANDON RICE - Brandon Rice Films

"We are a small team who turn out several videos each week for YouTube. Adding music to our videos has elevated them to a much higher standard, and our audience has responded very favourably. We looked around at a lot of libraries and found Soundstripe has a great selection of quality tracks that meet all our needs - from dramatic instrumentals for travel videos, to subtle background music for talking heads and tutorials."

MATT GRANGER - Get Your Gear Out

"I have been in the music business coming on 20 years now and the amount of musical and personal growth that has taken place over the last 2 years working with Soundstripe is unmatched... I feel I have finally found a true musical home for my work to reside."

MATT WIGTON - Soundstripe Artist

Only The Best

We do the hard work for you by hand-selecting every song that makes it into our music library. Rest assured, you are receiving access to music curated specifically for video production.

Discover the best rising artists to include in your films. Need custom music? No problem — our staff composers are available for hire to make your film's score stand out.

Adrian Walther
No Restrictions

No Restrictions

Our membership covers video creators for any use. This means even if your film makes it to the big screen, we won't be banging down your door for more fees. One membership, one license fee, unlimited music. Period.

Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired

Access to unlimited production music means you can finally create your low budget passion project, highlight reel, or feature film without music restrictions. Unleash your creativity and stay inspired with Soundstripe.

Save Time

Save Time

Finding the right music doesn't have to be a painstaking process. We make it simple by giving you the tools necessary to discover the perfect soundtrack for your films with a few clicks of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

The struggle to find proper music for film is finally solved. A membership with Soundstripe legally covers you and gives you access to all the music you need to make your project come to life. Take a listen to our curated library now!