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Where the Royalty Free Music is At

Savvy filmmakers, content creators, and other creatives understand the power of music to trigger emotional reactions in their audience. The right music at the right time can swell hearts, squeeze throats, and wrench open valves of adrenaline. Great media demands great music, but filmmakers must also respect copyright limitations. That means seeking royalty free music that you can use without worry or complications!

Calling All Creatives

Are you creating something amazing for your audience to watch or listen to? Then you absolutely need royalty free music to add that extra layer of excitement and professionalism to your project. Royalty free music is a must for filmmakers, YouTube personalities, podcasters, video game streamers, advertisers, marketers, wedding videographers, real estate agents, crowdfunders, and any business owner looking to add video to their marketing strategy.

In a world of micro-attention spans and growing competition every day, polished video and audio are a must! High-quality music is the secret ingredient you need to make your video or audio project even better.

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What is Royalty Free Music?

Copyright laws are complex. It’s no wonder there is a lot of confusion around how to legally use music in video productions.

Royalty free music is simply music that can be paid for once and used over and over again.Using properly licensed music helps you avoid legal pitfalls such as: YouTube Demonetization, Channel Strikes, Legal Takedown Notices, and more...

A Soundstripe membership allows for unlimited downloads so you can always license any song you need for your videos and remain legally compliant.

Your Royalty Free Music Solution

You are a creative person. You want to spend your time behind the camera, filming your next big project, or perched in front of a mic, recording thoughts that will inspire your listeners. What you most definitely DON’T want to be doing is searching the far corners of the internet for music that you can use without landing in copyright hot water.We understand, and we’ve got your back.At Soundstripe, our mission is simple.

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We offer great royalty free music for indie artists who hustle every day to be seen, heard, and celebrated. While you are hard at work on your art, we are working too, discovering amazing musical talent and negotiating directly with musicians to provide fair compensation for their rocking sounds.

We then offer up our diverse and constantly growing music library to our members on an unlimited basis.That’s right. You get unlimited royalty free music.You can use as many of our songs as you want, as many times as you want, in whatever way you want – all for a low monthly or yearly membership. Great music, no royalties, so you can keep creating!

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

Our membership covers video creators for any use. This means even if your film makes it to the big screen we won't be banging down your door for more fees. One membership, one license fee, unlimited music. Period.

Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired

Access to unlimited production music means you can finally create your low budget passion project, highlight reel, or feature film without music restrictions. Unleash your creativity and stay inspired with Soundstripe.

Save Time

Save Time

Finding the right music doesn't have to be a painstaking process. We make it simple by giving you the tools necessary to discover the perfect soundtrack for your films with a few clicks of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

The struggle to find proper music for film is finally solved. A membership with Soundstripe legally covers you and gives you access to all the music you need to make your project come to life. Take a listen to our curated production library now!