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We're Having a Black Friday (And Cyber Monday) Sale

Nov 29, 2019

Creators have always had to deal with budgetary constraints. 

In the medieval and Renaissance periods, artists relied on patrons to not only pay for individual works but also to support the artist’s livelihood. From Michelangelo to Beethoven, all the cool kids had a patron. 

Patronage was a flawed system to be sure, but it did help creatives make ends meet. These days there are very few, if any, true patrons. Instead, there’s just Patreon

But that doesn’t mean organizations can’t provide financial assistance to creators in some form or fashion. 

At Soundstripe, we take this ethos to heart with our never-ending quest to Keep Creators Creating. 




So we’re doing a Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sale for you, the creative community. 

Here’s whats up: Until next Friday, Dec. 6th, new members can get an entire year of Soundstripe Standard for $135 $99

That’s complete access to our library of outstanding tracks and unlimited music licenses for less than it costs to eat at that swanky new Mexican restaurant that just opened in your town. 

Oh wait, there’s more. If sound effects and songs with stems are your thing, you can get an entire year of Soundstripe Premium for just $245 $135

That’s more than $100 off a subscription to 30,000+ sound effects and 1,000+ songs with stems. 

It’s impossible to say for certain, but chances are you won’t find a better deal on royalty-free music all year. 

Where do you go to get this great deal? Right here

And for our current customers, we haven’t forgotten you. Depending on your plan, you might be eligible for an upgrade. Here’s how it breaks down: 

If you’re on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to yearly for $87. 

Or you can pass “Go” and head straight from monthly to Premium for $135. 

Already got a yearly subscription? You can go Premium for just $99. 

Just log in to your Soundstripe account to find your deal

In case you missed it earlier, this sale ends Friday, Dec. 6th. So if you need to lock down some amazing prices on royalty-free music, it’s time to act fast. 

Take a listen to our music for free!