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Welcome to Soundstripe

May 7, 2018

Welcome to Soundstripe! 

We're passionate about keeping creatives creating. It's our mission! 

That means giving you the right resources to be successful. Here's a great jumping off point from Erik in our customer care department. If you're not the video type (though we believe you most likely are) a brief synopsis is below the video!

1. Search:

We're always creating new ways to shorten your editing process. This means simplified search. You can even now filter by mood, genre, pace, instruments, vocals, duration, and BPM. When you find the song you're looking for simply click license, type in your project title, and download! That simple.

check out our music cta

2. License:

Any song licensed through Soundstripe allows you to download it as many times as you want for as many projects as you want at no extra cost. Each download establishes a music license between you and the artist that lasts in perpetuity for the project on which you use their song. Keeping track of what songs are licensed to what projects simply helps us accurately compensate artists.

3. Share:

When you publish your project, feel free to share it with the Soundstripe community! We have an awesome private Facebook filmmaker group that only Soundstripe users have access to. Here you can connect with others, learn tips of the trade, share projects, and more.

Everyone at Soundstripe HQ is involved in the community as well. Each month we hold contests for the best projects shared. Besides the kudos, we feature the winning films, and promote it to our network along with your business. It's pretty dang cool.

While we're on the subject of sharing, this is a good place to mention new features or functions that make your filmmaking process easier. Feel free to reach out about anything we can do, add, or create that could help you. We're here to collaborate.

We're SO grateful you're a Soundstripe member! Keep creating incredible films!

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