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Top 5 Filmmaking Blogs

Mar 25, 2018

The world of filmmaking gets more crowded every day. Modern tools make it easier than ever to capture an engaging piece of film, add your own effect, and put a music library download in the background for a finished product that may just go viral. Whether you're new to the world of filmmaking or a veteran looking for some fresh tricks, these top blogs can offer valuable insights. We've cut through the clutter for you, so you can get right to the business of combining your intriguing clips and hand-picked music library downloads together into fascinating films.


  • Learn Story: The successor to StillMotion, Learn Story moves toward the business side of telling stories through film. StillMotion’s blog also still exists, and there is a ton of information still there about gear. It will get outdated quickly, but worth a look.
  • HurlbutVisuals.com: For the true gearhead, Hurlbut Visuals always seems to have the latest toys reviewed on the front of their site, from lighting to sound, to post-production editing equipment. You name it, they’ve looked at it.
  • Lights Film School: For the new chum, Lights Film School has a ton of free tutorials that they tout as having “an instant impact on the quality of your film and documentary projects.”
  • The Creative Cow: They bill themselves as “the peer-to-peer support community for media production professionals.” No matter what aspect of filmmaking you need to talk about, there’s someone who has been there and done that at The Creative Cow, and they’re willing to share their insights.
  • Film Riot: Funny, always fresh, and an interesting trip through Ryan Connolly’s head. He’s founder and president of Triune Films, and always has something to say that’s worth listening to.

Now that you have some fresh ideas for your filmmaking, all you need to do is pull it all together. Check out our stock music library for the music library download you need to complete your masterpiece.

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