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The Keep Creating Podcast is Here

As you know, our mission at Soundstripe is to empower creatives to “Keep Creating” – no matter what. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by hearing from the amazingly talented creators in our community, around the country, and beyond.

That’s where the Keep Creating Podcast comes in.

This podcast was made for any human who is driven toward a creative pursuit. It is for all the musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, businessmen and women, vloggers, bloggers, and creators – those of us who are highly creative and hungry for growth in our endeavors. So, in order to get a little closer to cracking the creative code, we decided to seek out creatives who dedicate their lives to pursuing a creative trade or career. In each episode, we’ll ask them a host of different questions, unpack their creative wins and losses, and soak in all of the truth that their stories seep. And we package it up and provide creatives like you inspiration, education, and tools to grow in your own unique pursuit to “Keep Creating.”

We’ve got some incredible guests on deck, and we cannot wait for you to hear our conversations. Make sure you’re following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel for sneak peeks, exclusive content, and full episode streams.

Stream the first episode on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. License the songs in our podcast here.

Thanks for listening, and Keep Creating.

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