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The Climb

Mar 25, 2018

It’s an uphill battle all the way to the top. No exceptions.

I wish there were a magic pill we could all take. A pill that solved our problems. A pill that made things easier. A pill that got you a record deal. A pill that made your business a success. A pill that dropped the gut for summer. A pill that made you better.

Unfortunately, scientists have not invented this amazing miracle drug — for that matter, they haven’t even made the least bit of progress.

When you are the select few that are brave enough to venture into the unknown, to reinvent the wheel, to start a new career, to be a singer, or to create jobs out of nothing — you are in the uphill battle of your life. Get ready.

The bright side of this dark story is the rule of ‘Resistance’.

When you start lifting weights, you start with a small amount of resistance. A small amount of pressure will do the trick in the beginning. This is the process. you add more resistance, it hurts for a couple days, you get stronger. You add more resistance, it hurts for a couple days, and you get stronger. Over and Over.

If you have a business, if you are an artist, or if you have high ambitions for yourself, you will constantly feel the resistance of pressure in your life. Embrace the resistance and know that you are getting stronger.

Keep Climbing and Don’t Stop.

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