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Soundstripe Partner Program: Revamped

Jun 21, 2019

Since its launch in 2016, Soundstripe has been helping members grow their followers and earn revenue through our affiliate program.

Admittedly, we have barely scratched the surface with this program in terms of the support and perks we can offer to our awesome partners, but that is all changing NOW.

We are so excited to unveil our reimagined, refreshed, and robust (alliteration is fun) Partner Program! Our mission to empower our members to “Keep Creating” applies to our partners with just as much emphasis. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Sign Up

After you sign up as a partner, you will receive a custom link unique to your brand and channel that you can then share on any platform you choose: your website, your blog, your social media channels, the opportunities are endless.

You will have access to a personal dashboard with real time metrics where you can also track the performance of your links as well as your earnings. Nifty, huh?


Step 2: Start Sharing and Promoting Your Link

Your unique referral link can be shared anywhere! Your YouTube channel, blog, website, or social media platforms — the sky’s the limit. This link will track clicks from your audience via a cookie for approximately 90 days.

In short, any sign-ups that occur during those three months will be credited to you. Additionally, you will receive high-quality marketing materials such has logos, icons, copy templates, and more to help you promote Soundstripe and optimize your results.


Step 3: Earn When They Spend

The commission for each referral is 20% of each sale up front for every new subscriber referred. Payouts are automated and occur monthly via PayPal.

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Additionally, we offer a 10% discount on our service that you can extend to your audience as an incentive to join through your platform. You can even request a custom coupon for your audience. Simply email us your request and we’ll cover the rest.


There you have it. Pretty simple, right? With our Partner Program, you have an opportunity for unlimited earnings. Literally. The more you share your referral link, the more you potentially earn!

We’re always looking for more partners. So, if you’re a travel vlogger, podcast host, YouTuber, wedding filmmaker, or digital marketer, we would love to have you join our growing community. Join Today!

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