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Scaling the Mountain

Mar 25, 2018

The All New Soundstripe

To say this past year has been amazing and humbling would be an understatement. When we launched Soundstripe in February 2016, it started with passionate friends that wanted to change the lives of a handful of talented musicians for the better. We weren’t experienced in business and we had no idea that this would even work, let alone, change the path of our lives.

This year has been a HUGE learning curve for our team. We continue to learn more about what filmmakers want and need in music licensing. Our members are incredibly passionate about quality music and having features that streamline workflow. Believe me, we listen to every one of you because at the end of the day, this is your service. Soundstripe is yours.

This makes me beyond excited to show you Soundstripe V2. We have been operating under the same design since February of 2016 and we want to improve in a big way.


The vision for Soundstripe is to be as useful as possible. We want to save you time because filmmakers have better things to do than search music catalogs all day. We have a ton of improvements to come that will enhance the search and discovery experience for you. Basically, this new re-design is just the beginning for the future of Soundstripe.


1. Custom Playlist Sharing.

Create your favorite playlists and share the link with your clients, co-workers, and community.

2. Search and Filter within Playlists.

You will now be able to use the search and filter function within playlists and composer pages so you can narrow down the search, find exactly what you are looking for without listening to every song in that section.

3. Search by Instrument.

Need a piano song? Or a Synth heavy song? Now you will be able to filter songs using a specific instrument.

And those are just a few of the new features being added on Friday.


Our team feels that we are just at the base of the mountain, getting our backpacks on ready to climb. This past year has been incredible and has really validated the idea that filmmakers need a service similar to Netflix in order to have access to all the music they needed for any project that comes along. Now that we have built a solid foundation, it is time to scale the mountain and make a really great service…


You may not realize how much you are changing people’s lives but you really are. Soundstripe started simply because my co-founder Micah Sannan and I were starving producers that were hungry for financial stability. Soundstripe now has a team of 10 people and 70 hardworking talented composers that are starting to see financial stability for the first time. All of this is possible because of you. Our composers are able to do what they love, create amazing music, and their paychecks have continued to increase over this year. We are so so proud of this because in the music industry, financial stability is extremely rare…


We are so incredibly grateful for you. Thank you for going on this startup journey with us. We know we aren’t perfect and there’s always things to improve. But know that you are important to us and we won’t sleep until Soundstripe is the best stock music company on the planet. We hope you love the new and improved Soundstripe.

This is just the beginning.

Travis Terrell

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

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