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Product Changelog, August 2019

🎧 New Playlists in June

It’s a new month, which means we’ve got even more Curated Playlists in our Catalog:


📺 Cue Sheets for TV Process

Yes, this is the fifth iteration in a few weeks time. But it's critical for experimentation... and if we can get it right, we may be the first in the industry to really benefit at a greater scale from the revenue from publishing rights companies! So, much iteration, for a good cause.

Plus, Cue Sheets are just plain confusing — so here's what we've changed to respond to that with more clarity and a different process to support our members.

In short, we are removing the ask for any member — YOU! — to send us a Cue Sheet at broadcast@soundstripe.com because it’s still a headache to gather the required information when it’s really in the TV Network’s hands. In short: it’s a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth.

We are also providing a new pathway for the customer to get more context on if/why they should share a TV Contact (Email Address) with us from the network they are providing video for. We are also better presenting the Copyright Information Sheet for download as their backup for TV use needs.

Okay, so, what’s actually changed? Think of this now as a “concierge approach.” Here’s how:

In the Download Modal: If you checked "Yes" to TV use in License Info, the black button text changed from "Submit Cue Sheet" to "Complete Next Steps."

Cue Sheets for TV modal changes: "We totally understand that Cue Sheets are complicated and your time is valuable! We are here to simplify it for you. Do you have a network or cable TV point person and their contact information for this project? Yes / No"

If Yes, "Our Customer Care team is here to do the legwork to collaborate with your contact to acquire the complex details for your project’s Cue Sheet needs. Simply share your Network/Cable TV Contact’s email address with us, and we will get to work for you — so you can focus on what you do best!" [SUBMIT]

• If No, "No problem! Just share this Copyright Information Sheet for the song with the agency or network." [DOWNLOAD] (link to Copyright Information Sheet)

Once these next steps are completed, in Download Modal, the button state changes to "Submitted Contact Info" and/or "Downloaded Copyright Info" so the customer has a reference for where they left off in this process if it was for TV Use, next time they open the Download modal on a licensed song.

On the Licenses page, changed "Submit Cue Sheet" to "Complete for TV" and link to the "Complete Next Steps" Modal.

• On the Licenses page, once a TV Contact email is provided change link to static text: "Submitted Contact Info (TV)."

On the Licenses page, once a user has downloaded the copyright info change link to "Download Copyright Info."

AND, if you’re a visual person. . .

License Modal (Yes to TV Broadcast):


License Modal (Yes to TV Broadcast):

Download Modal (Complete Next Steps for TV Broadcast):


Download Modal (Complete Next Steps for TV Broadcast)

Cue Sheet Modal:


Cue Sheet Modal

Submit Contact Info Modal:


Submit Contact Info Modal

Download Copyright Info Modal:


Download Copyright Info Modal

Song Download Modal (Submitted Contact Info):


Song Download Modal (Submitted Contact Info)

Song Download Modal (Downloaded Copyright Info):


Song Download Modal (Downloaded Copyright Info)

Licenses List Item (Submitted Contact Info):


Licenses List Item (Submitted Contact Info)

Licenses List Item (Downloaded Copyright Info):


Licenses List Item (Downloaded Copyright Info)

💻 Increasing Our Security, Because... Well, It’s Important! 

In our continued effort to thwart security breaches, we've added a limit to the number of times a visitor can attempt to log into the site unsuccessfully. Now, when someone submits an invalid email/password combination 10 times consecutively, they are locked out of the site for 1 hour.
But fear not! If you’re locked out accidentally, you can always just reset your password.

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