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Music Tips for Filmmakers: How to Capture This Year’s Wedding Trends in Music

Jun 4, 2018

June is peak wedding season, and the recent royal nuptials on the other side of the pond have put both Brits and Yankees into wedding fever. This is good news and good business for wedding videographers looking for new trends in film and music for filmmakers. If the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taught us anything it’s that even the oldest traditions can bend and evolve to match the couple’s unique personalities and preferences. You might have your wedding storyboard and music collection down pat, but as wedding trends change, so must you! Let’s take a look at five new wedding trends in 2018 and complementary music for filmmakers to explore in tandem.   

Wedding Trend One: Balloons

Flowers have always dominated the wedding ceremony and reception décor, but in 2018 they are taking a backseat to fun, colorful, and playful balloons. According to The Knot, “Balloons make the perfect fun and festive flower alternative… They can be strung like garlands, suspended from the ceiling, or shaped into a mural-like wall installation.”

Balloon decorations give filmmakers plenty of new and unique visuals to capture as part of their wedding film. Balloons can represent hope and happiness as they sway in the breeze or bob cheerfully around the reception area. Consider filming them as part of the transition shot between the romantic and heartfelt ceremony and the fun reception. This can also be the perfect opportunity for a musical transition.

Music Mood Recommendations: Bouncy, Cheerful, Upbeat

Wedding Trend Two: Living Walls

Living plants aren’t totally out of the wedding scene in 2018. Wedding planners and venue operators are seeing more and more interest in “living walls,” or walls decorated with gorgeous, lush plants and flowers. Living walls can be used as a gorgeous decorative element at the reception, or they can serve a function, such as incorporating the greeting sign at the ceremony or offering place setting designations with flowers that guests can pluck from the wall. Martha Stewart Weddings even mentions a growing interest in “living bars” at weddings in 2018.

A living wall adds beauty and serenity to a wedding ceremony or reception and can offer a beautiful visual for filmmakers. A living wall is ideal for the first, scene-setting shots of a wedding video and can create a sense of wonderment, beauty, and romance.

Music Mood Recommendations: Beautiful, Dreamy, Hopeful

Wedding Trend Three: Translucence

Rustic and classic weddings are still popular, but couples in 2018 aren’t afraid to embrace modern design and décor. That includes clean lines, open spaces, and translucent design. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, couples in 2018 are opting for clear tents, glass tables, and lucite place cards. Many couples are also choosing wedding venues with plenty of windows to allow sunlight and sweeping outdoor views inside.

Filmmakers can take advantage of the translucent trend to capture puddles of sunshine, radiant place cards, and tents glowing with interior lights at night. These shots can be used upfront in the video to set the scene of the wedding venue, as transitional sections, or even as closing shots leaving the tent as the afterparty continues. Filmmakers have plenty of unique music styles to choose from to capture the clean beauty of translucent scenes.

Music Mood Recommendations: Ethereal, Reflective, Serene

Wedding Trend Four: Destination Weddings That Embrace Local Culture

Destination weddings have been a big hit for some time, but an emerging trend is the embrace and integration of local culture into the ceremony. This goes beyond the bride and groom wearing flower leis for a Hawaiian beach ceremony. Wedding industry experts are discovering that couples want to incorporate local music, dishes, and artwork into their ceremony.

Filmmakers have a lot to work with here. Incorporating the local culture could include taking shots of famous local landmarks near the wedding site, capturing aspects of everyday life before the ceremony, and utilizing cultural music when showcasing the venue, food dishes, and afterparty. Using cultural music in a sensitive way will help capture the spirit of the location and the destination theme of the wedding, though it might require you to reach outside of your current music library.

Music Genre Recommendations: Ethnic, Latin, Tropical, World

Wedding Trend Five: A Big Afterparty

Not every wedding afterparty can include John Elton jamming on the piano, Idris Elba DJing, Serena Williams cleaning house at beer pong, and George Clooney hitting the dance floor with two duchesses, as was reported at the recent royal afterparty. However, the trend is clear. Couples want to make the party after their reception big, fun, and memorable.

Lauren Fremont of Loli Events was quoted in Martha Stewart Weddings as saying, “While nothing could ever replace a reception, more brides will throw their resources into after-parties…”

For wedding videographers, this means finding a way to showcase the ceremony, reception, and afterparty together in a cohesive story. That may require extra time and effort and an emphasis on capturing special, off-the-cuff events and reactions from the guests, family, and couple. That might include photobooth silliness, grandma breaking out her dance moves, and guests sharing drinks and a laugh.

More focus on the afterparty also means more musical interludes that support and enhance the emotions of different moments.  

Music Mood Recommendations: Playful, Energetic, Dancey

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