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Keep Creating Ep. 11: Our Big Takeaways From the First 10 Episodes

We decided to shake things up this week. But wait! Don’t skip over this episode or close out of this article. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one.

At this point, we’re 10 episodes into the Keep Creating Podcast. More importantly, that’s 10 conversations we think will help equip you for your journey as a creative.

This week’s guest is Julian Vaca, host of the IN TUNE YouTube show. He’s a fellow creative — author, screenwriter, filmmaking aficionado, and also Soundstripe’s social media guru.

Episode 11 is a bit like a retrospective. But rather than play clips as some kind of highlight reel, we thought it might be more beneficial to have an actual dialogue. So we discussed the advice, tips, and thoughts shared by each of our guests and how they affected us as creatives.

And because every creative journey is different, our conversation sparked questions and discussions that had never occurred to us before.

Treat this episode as a chance to reflect on our biggest takeaways from those episodes. (You could also think of it as a refresher course in case you’ve already forgotten some of the earlier conversations.)

You can stream this episode of the Keep Creating Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Like the music we used on the show? You can license and download it here.

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