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Keep Creating Ep. 10: Hannah Schneider on Smart Networking and Building Unique Brands


Building a sustainable business model is about more than staying on top of trends or constructing a flashy social media presence.

A true leader strives to create a good culture around them. But the real key to a healthy work environment is when the people in charge commit to building authentic relationships (and keeping one eye on the hard work that got them where they are).

On this episode of the Keep Creating Podcast, we talked with Hannah Schneider. She’s a public relations, digital marketing, and social media guru who’s been featured in places like Good Morning America, the Today Show, Cosmopolitan, and the New York Times.

And, most importantly, she’s someone who looks for ways to get her hands dirty, even if that means doing the little things that most leaders take for granted.

Hannah has founded multiple companies, and she’s also the managing partner at BRND House. She has a constant drive to explore new creative outlets, and we’re excited to share her insight into dealing with clients, coworkers, and employees.

We also talked about how Hannah developed these networking “best practices,” and how all of her work experiences led her to where she is today. 

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