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Introducing: The All New Soundstripe Digital Magazine

Apr 3, 2019

Featured Article: Aaron Sprinkle
"Something Worth Chasing"

Soundstripe’s mission has always been to “Keep Creatives Creating”—both filmmakers and musicians. As composers ourselves, we’ve grown our music library by prioritizing quality production, signing incredible artists, launching our SFX division, and publishing educational videos, such as those in our brand new partnership with IFH-TV.

We’re just getting started.

We are thrilled to announce the release of…(pause for drumroll)...our digital magazine series.

We are so proud to share this first with you—it’s our passion project to empower you with content that elevates you as a creative to keep successfully pursuing your passion. And this inaugural issue is the first of many, many more.You might be asking yourself: But...why a magazine? This gets back to the heart of Soundstripe. Every decision we make—every product we conceptualize—begins with YOU in mind. We’re daily striving to better enable you to do what you love.

Additionally, we see this as the next logical step in providing value to our community of filmmakers, musicians, and storytellers. Each issue will include artist features, editorials, tutorials, community interviews, spotlights, and so much more. Our main goal with this magazine is to equip you with motivation, education, and resources that make your job just a little easier. So dive in, share this with a fellow creative, and keep creating!

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