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Update from the Soundstripe Founders

Hey everyone!

One week ago, we introduced a new subscription option called Soundstripe Premium, and today, we’re excited to announce that PREMIUM IS LIVE!

We’ll talk more about each of our subscription options below, but first, we want to thank you! The outpouring of support and enthusiasm we’ve received is remarkable.

Seriously, you are all amazing!

Soundstripe was born out of a personal mission to support creatives - both musicians and filmmakers - with valuable creative resources at a fair price. It’s why our mission has, and always will be, to “Keep Creatives Creating.”  We are deeply moved and humbled by the outpouring of your support and feedback.

outpouring of your support and feedback

This week reaffirmed our belief that creativity is at its best when it is collaborative. We really do listen when you give us feedback. In fact, we actively seek it! Your insights help us build tools that will hopefully add value to your workflow and storytelling - which leads us to Soundstripe Premium!

Here’s the deets on the new release:

First, it’s important to note that Soundstripe Standard will never be anything less than the standards of quality and value you know and expect.  

We refuse to remove any of the value. Period.

All Standard subscriptions will continue to consistently expand with custom, royalty free music, unlimited licenses, legendary customer care, curated playlists, new song releases weekly, multiple song versions, platform improvements, community engagement and direct support.

Second, the only differences between the subscriptions is that Premium offers users more advanced tools and features to create more.

Premium includes everything in Standard, as well as 10,000+ world class sound effects, an expanding availability of stems (currently 300 songs and growing fast), pre-release access to new songs on Soundstripe’s whole platform, and much, much more to be rolled out in phases at no additional cost.

All current members will receive a prorated subscription opportunity to upgrade to Premium, and those who wish to upgrade to the prorated offer can do so immediately.

Please reach out to our wonderful Customer Care team if you need further clarification. Regardless of which subscription you choose, our first priority is to support and serve the Soundstripe community. Every voice counts! We’re SO happy to be making a positive impact for storytellers. Do us a solid, and tell your friends about Soundstripe! Thank you for letting us be part of your story!

Keep Creating!
Travis Terrell, Micah Sannan, and Trevor Hinesley
Co-Founders of Soundstripe

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