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How To Use Background Music to Hook YouTube Viewers

Mar 17, 2018

Tim Schmoyer of VideoCreators Shows How Using Music Can “Level-Up” Your YouTube Production Quality.

Using music in your YouTube videos can be a great way to increase production value. In the video below Tim shares some great insight on how he uses music to increase engagement and views on his YouTube channel.


The way you use music can have a huge impact on the growth of your channel. — Tim Schmoyer

Narrative based YouTube channels like vlogs have been increasingly using music to distinguish their videos and keep audiences more engaged. Over the past several years some great services have emerged to provide video content creators with options for adding music for videos and avoiding the common challenges in doing so.


1. Music is copyrighted - This means you can’t just add any song to a video and call it “good”. Someone owns the song and they will need to give you permission to use that song for your video. Using music without permission at the very least can cause you to lose monetization ability with your video. At the very worst, can lead to a strike on your channel and/or possibly legal repercussions. Thankfully, there are easy and affordable ways to avoid this and legally license music for your channel.

Image of Music for Vlogs

2. Quality matters - Adding quality music is a great to way increase overall production value of your videos. A great song can pull out an emotion or mood that your viewer may not have had otherwise. If the sonic quality and arrangement of the song is a cut above the rest then it will add even more value and keep attention longer. Over the past several years production level of stock music has increased and the accessibility has as well.

3. Song selection is everything - Finding the perfect song has long been a tedious chore for video content creators. Just like filmmakers, songwriters labor over creating a certain mood or feel in the writing process. Pairing the perfect mood of a song with your video is like having the perfect icing on a delicious cake. Bad icing = bad cake. Who doesn’t like a good cake? C’mon! Always use quality songs or get bad cake.

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4. Free is great!… but isn’t always best - Until recently, finding quality music on a budget was a near impossible task. Ever spend hours pouring through the YouTube audio library? Or days emailing back and forth with a SoundCloud artist to get permission to use a song? Video content creators have long looked for an easy solution to find music quickly, cheaply, and in volume. Vloggers have had an especially difficult time getting enough music to keep up with their busy production schedule. Recently, a few companies have emerged to help solve this problem.

Soundstripe is a new music licensing platform that provides unlimited music to filmmakers and video content creators for just $15/month. The library features over 80 hand-selected composers and artists and every song is custom curated to save time in production. A membership provides access to unlimited licenses and new songs added every week.

USE CODE: “VIDEOCREATORS” to receive 10% off of 1 month or 1 year membership to Soundstripe.

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