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Five Royalty Free Music Genres for the Adrenaline Junkie

Apr 25, 2018

You want to create videos that drag viewers to the edge of their seats, get their heart clobbering, and maybe even pop some beads of sweat on their forehead. Your audience is the adrenaline junkie, and you need to feed them high-octane videos fueled by amazing, soaring music.

What royalty free music genres work best for your supercharged brand? Let’s take a look at the beats you need to throttle up your videos.

Why Adrenaline Junkies Need a Good Soundtrack

The latest video of your wicked parkour run is excellent, but if you want to notch it up to epic, you’ll need to add in some editing magic. How about adding slow-motion to some of your best tricks so fans can drink in your greatness? You’ll also grab their attention by layering on powerful, meaty music.

Image of man on slackline

Music has the ability to key directly into our emotions. It adds power and purpose to your videos. It can feed your adrenaline junkie viewers the sweeping beats and big sounds they want. Add big drum beats, an electronic guitar, and some skillful electric bass and suddenly a video of football players clashing turns into an epic gladiatorial battle.

Five music genres that make a great accompaniment for high energy videos are: Electronic, the Power Ballad, Pop, Rock, and Tribal. Use these five music genres for videos that feature:

  • Sports
  • Competitions and races
  • Gaming
  • Stunts and tricks
  • Cars and racing
  • Thriller shorts, episodes, or movies
  • Machines and tech

Whether you’re stitching together an epic sports montage, pitting an industrial blender against a bowling ball, or finally turning that cop thriller screenplay of yours into a feature film, here are the royalty free music genres to keep in mind.

Electronic Royalty Free Music

Fun and funky, electronic music encompasses a wide variety of sub-genres, including trance, techno, ambient, dance, and drum and bass. It often has great beats and lots of sizzle. Chances are that if you duck into a happening night club in any big city, that pounding music vibrating through your body is some version of electronic.

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Electronic music has a hypnotizing effect, raising heart rates and making the body want to move. It can also be simplistic, throttling up the energy of your video without over-burdening the visuals with complex riffs and chords.

For big, simple, and fun, electronic music is a great option.

Perfect for: Sports montages, races, stunt videos

Our Favorite Electronic Pick: Press Start to Play by Atlas

Power Ballad

Did you just hear a lonesome riff on an electric guitar? It must be time to discuss power ballads. These ballads were made famous by the big hair bands of the ‘80s. With big hair also comes big emotions. Power ballads include everything you love about rock and roll but with a lot of extra heart.

What makes the power ballad especially good for adrenaline junkie videos is that they typically start slow and soft and then build with heavier drums and electric guitar shreds later in the song. This could be the perfect match if your video includes a slow burn beginning leading up to a dramatic stunt, clash, or explosion.

Perfect for: Motivational sports videos, gaming, stunts, tech demos

Our Favorite Power Ballad: Place by OBOY


Pop music is energetic, fun, and undeniably addictive. (Don’t even pretend like you can resist swaying in your chair when Katy Perry comes on the radio.) A good pop soundtrack, with its up tempo beats and wide catalogue of synthesized sounds, can infuse your video with positive energy.

For an extra challenge, consider choosing a track with some lyrics if your video is highly visual and doesn’t include narration. This can add another layer into your video and make it even more magnetic if the lyrics sync well with the action.

Perfect for: Outdoor recreation, stunts, workout videos

Our Favorite Pop Pick: Mustang Valley by Mikey Geiger


Image of girl holding green guitar

When you need to crank up the energy of your video or find accompanying music that can keep up with the thrills, you really can’t go wrong with rock. It has everything you need to inject your viewers with a shot of adrenaline, including heavy electric guitar riffs, powerful drums, and electric bass slays. With its signature 4/4 beat, rock music will steer your video smooth and hard, Jason Statham style, from start to finish.

Perfect for: Anything that needs an injection of testosterone

Our Favorite Rock Pick: Just Take My Money by Caleb Harris


Good video editors are willing to take risks and travel off the beaten path in order to capture something new and intriguing. If you are looking for a way to make your high-octane videos stand out, consider trying music off the normal menu.

Tribal music is a great example of a sound that is both powerful and bold and that your listeners probably don’t hear too often. Tribal music is raw, usually focused on powerful drums. It can be the perfect match for a wide range of adrenaline-soaked videos.

Perfect for: Stunts, sports clips, races, motivational videos

Our Favorite Tribal Pick: Lion Defender by Rhythm Scott

Time to Get Bold

Viewers are hungry for videos that will motivate, inspire, and thrill them. They want to see people with bold spirits putting it all on the line. As a video editor, you need to be bold, too.

Take your time to find the right license music for video to soar along with the adrenaline-fueled optics of your videos. That might mean adding in some good, home-town rock, amping up your video with pop, or trying tunes a little outside your comfort zone.

Step one is finding a high quality collection of royalty free music that will give you the freedom to explore a wide variety of genres. At Soundstripe, we offer today’s established and up-and-coming video editors a growing production music library of great music.

Sort by genre, including electronic, pop, power ballad, rock, and tribal as well as many others. Use as many songs as you want each month for a low monthly or yearly subscription fee. Edit boldly! We’ve got the big beats to make that happen.

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