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How to Ensure Your Stock Music Fits Your Brand

Jul 2, 2018

As a video creative, you are constantly considering your brand in order to pinpoint content strategy, pick color themes, and utilize social platforms. Every experienced YouTuber knows that if you switch things up like choosing the wrong stock music, your fans can be thrown off (and they won’t be shy about letting you know). Consistency is key when growing a YouTube Channel or virtual presence--and understanding your brand can be one of the most strategic and important processes needed to grow your presence.

So why should it be different when choosing your video’s stock music? Quick answer: it shouldn’t be.

Before you choose which stock music to set to your videos, you want to really make sure your soundtrack is a reflection of your brand (whether that's an actual brand/store, or just your own personal vlog). Follow these steps to get a laser focus on your brand and the tracks that embody your uniqueness.

Identify Your Stock Music’s Purpose

First off, it is important to understand what you plan to use stock music for and why it will be impactful. Popular instances to include a soundtrack might be when you are using voice-overs, creating an upbeat instructional workout video or including transitions on your latest How-To.

If music is used to explain a process like DIYing a denim skirt or walking freelancers through a How-To, it may be critical to look at how it can embellish your video instead of distract from it. In this situation, your words are vital and distracting music can frustrate viewers. To test this, observe the use of dialogues, beats, or instruments in your choices.

If the music is meant for transitional purposes, then it may be helpful to have an energetic track to hold viewers attention. Meanwhile, if your music is meant to create an emotion in listeners, then the vibrations should match what is happening visually.

Finally, when it comes to intros and outros, many experienced vloggers suggest to maintain a single track that sets a tone for your brand and lets new and die-hard subscribers alike know they are watching your content.

This can be a simple beat that echoes your personality and will eventually become ubiquitous in your videos.

Match Your Tunes to Your Personality

Great optics alone does not make a video successful.  Effective creatives know who they are and many want to share in their story.

Harnessing music that channels your brand in an authentic way can turn a visual experience into an audible delight that replays in a viewers mind long after they’ve clicked away from your video.

When it comes to your personality, finding a soundtrack that you love and captures the theme of your content can only propel your video from a visual delight to an emotional experience that uses several senses to engage viewers.

For example, virtual yoga instructors may feel compelled to keep to the same holistic and instrumental types of music - think a relaxing waterfall, peaceful singing bowls or a gentle violin playing behind your soothing voice. Meanwhile, if your practice captures a fun and active style of vinyasa flow your audience will want to hear that upbeat and invigorating vibe in your music selections.

It comes down to a simple way of thinking: to practice what you preach. If you preach adventure, find that track that gets your adrenaline pumping. If you preach balance and minimalism, choose that sound.

Keep Your Fans in Mind

Even the most powerful influencers have shared that their fan base is what keeps them grinding, so it's important to keep your followers in mind when choosing music (or any content for that matter).

Even though you may have chosen your OOTD because you were inspired by that new indie band you checked out last night, as a fashion YouTuber, you would still keep your subscribers needs, wants, and values in mind. That might mean displaying your new digs - but with a soundtrack that resembles your same style and tone that people have come to expect from you.

You may think of your channel as a personal diary, but as a brand in and of yourself, you want to keep consistency no matter what your mood. Just think about some of your own favorite vloggers - what attracted you to their channels? Would you recognize their intro if it started playing right now? Do you smile the second you turn up the volume and can hear the soundtrack they've paired with their most recent travel video?

Think about why your followers tune in and they love about your content - this will not only benefit your brand but also keep you aware of your next musical opportunity.

Know What to Look For

Know What to Look For

Looking closer at what your audience wants to hear can be broken down. Subscribers may care about certain aspects of your picks and can stem from the brand you create.

If you relate well to millennials and have built a tribe of festival-goers, the lifespan of the music you choose can be an important factor. For example, many trend-setters in this crowd probably come to you for the latest and greatest, so playing something that sounds like what they’ve been hearing on the radio or T.V. can lead to a few thumbs down.

If you advocate adventure, upbeat indie tracks or fast-tempo house beats may speak well to your followers because of their tendency to test out new ideas and experiences.

Not sure what your people are looking for?

A good way to gauge audience interests is to conduct surveys. At the end of your video, simply ask people want they want to see or hear. Tell them to “comment below” and follow along next week to see which suggestions you incorporate.

Asking your followers what music they like to listen is a win for two reasons: it allows you to find similar artists on stock music websites like Sound Stripe in order to cater to their favorites and it increases engagement on your channel, creating that sense of community every influencer craves.

Choose the Right Provider

Once you’ve honed in on the type of music you want, it’s important to find the right music provider.

When looking for databases you’ll want a diverse library to choose from that comes with easy to use and beneficial applications.

An online stock music library should give you the ability to save ideas and build out playlists that may be a good fit for upcoming content. Creating libraries allows you to collaborate and gain feedback through social media surveys, team feedback, and musical advice. This feature can be lacking in many online stock music platforms and can limit your productivity with hard to use websites.

Another danger many Youtubers face is the unfamiliarity with licensing codes and restrictions that can get your video taken down. YouTube even released content to aid understanding of all the licensing regulations and we wrote a blog post that explains everything you need to know about music licensing.

Innovation is a full-time job that allocates little time for mistakes. As a creative business owner, your time is better spent brainstorming and looking for new business opportunities than memorizing restrictions.

Here at Soundstripe, we do the hard work for you by providing a database where you get unlimited access to all the license-free music in our library. You can say goodbye to legal jeopardy or and never have to worry about entering deep waters with YouTube regulations.

Soundstripe has a wide range of music that caters to all different kinds of YouTube creator - from adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies to lifestyle vloggers and foodie fanatics.

Soundstripe’s library makes producing content an engaging and versatile process that, when used effectively, can support and enhance your brand. Check out our online stock music library today to find the right soundtrack for your brand!

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