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Date the Model, Marry the Mission.

Mar 25, 2018

Striving for Stability in the Creative Economy

Over a year and a half ago, Soundstripe was two broke musicians and a dream of making an actual living by doing what they love to do. Years and years spent working on a craft, achieving success, and yet, met with an endless search for financial stability. The business of music was broken, and it wasn’t getting any better…

In fact, playing for sold out arenas and touring the world in award-winning bands didn’t even pay enough to rent an apartment. This is the story of so many great musicians. This is the reality of what it’s like to have “made it” in a struggling creative industry today.

The mission for Soundstripe is simple: Keep Creatives Creating.

  • For musicians, this means providing a hub, a family, and a resource to encourage community and support career growth. It also means paying our talented composers/producers a consistent, fat paycheck.
  • For filmmakers, this means providing useful tools and valuable resources to help save time and create excellent art.
Our goal is to create value in the creative economy and constantly search for ways to maximize that value in “non-traditional ways”.

Soundstripe Slogan Image

One of our core values is: Date the Model, Marry the Mission.

Creatives live in fluidity. What works today, may not work tomorrow. As a company we see value in remaining flexible with what we do, how we do it, and taking risks, as long as we are focused on our core mission.

Over a year and a half ago, Soundstripe was two broke musicians and a dream. We were just beginning in this journey. In many ways, we still are… We’ve learned a lot, grown a lot, and made a lot of mistakes. Fortunately, along the way, we’ve discovered that we’re on to something bigger than we could have imagined.

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Our commitment will always be to our community, and this is the story of how we “Marry the Mission.”

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Unlimited Music for Filmmakers
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